ROK – Castle Upgrade requirements and How to quickly get Book of Covenant

You are probably here because your city hall is still below level 25 and you desperately want to unlock tier 5 troops in Rise of kingdoms. One of the biggest requirements for that is to have a maxed academy. And before you can max out the academy you need to max out Castle, which requires the Book of Covenant. It’s not an easy process and it’s so boring to grind barbarian forts for those Books. Well, This is the full guide on how you can get the Book of Covenant and the calculation of the total required to upgrade the castle to level 25.

Castle upgrade requirement for rise of kingdoms

Castle LevelBooks of CovenantGems costTime
488016m 40s
62020053m 20m
7303001h 47m
8404003h 33m
9505007h 7m
107070014h 13m
118080017h 4m
12100100020h 29m
153003,0001d 11h
165005,0001d 18h
177007,0002d 3h
189009,0002d 13h
191,20012,0003d 1h
201,50015,0003d 16h
211,80018,0004d 10h
222,00020,0005d 17h
255,00050,00023d 5h
Total20,0952,00,95072d 15h 30m 36s

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List of ways you can get Book of Covenant in ROK

rok castle

Now that you know what books of Covenant are used for and how many you need to max castle, Here is a guide on how you can get them.

rok book of covenant
book of covenant

1. Destroying Barbarian Forts(F2P)

Yup, it’s a long and tedious process but if you’re free to play and not willing to spend the gems then this is the only way. The number of Books you get depends on the damage you dealt to the barbarian fort. So, being a rally leader and sending more troops to other players’ rallies is better, it will give you more Book of Covenant.

2. Alliance Gift chest(F2P)

This is the second method using which you can Book of Covenant. If you are part of a good Alliance then there is a chance that your allies might purchase bundles that gives alliance Gift chests. You can get some books when opening those gift chests. Additionally, The “treasure of crystal” will also grant you some Book of Covenant.

3. Events(F2P)

Be on the lookout for some special events you might be able to find the Book of Covenant in them for free.

4. VIP chest(P2W)

For Pay to win players, it will be easier to get books. VIP special privilege chest grants you a huge number of Book of Covenant along with two commander sculptures, Minamoto and Hannibal Barca. Refer to the table below for the total number of Books you can obtain from the VIP chests.

rok books
  • Level 2 – 100
  • Level 4 – 300
  • Level 6 – 500
  • Level 10 – 1000
  • Level 13 – 2000
  • Level 14 – 2000
  • Total – 5900

5. Buy Using Gems(P2W)

The last and most popular way is buying Bothe ok of Covenant using gems. you simply buy a single book for 10 gems. Before you start buying them check the tips and guides section below to get more out of your spending.

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useful tips and guides

  • If you do plan to buy Books using gems then do it during the “more than gems(MTG)” event. That way you will get more rewards.
  • Should you spend gems on VIP levels first or Book of Covenant? Well, you can spend gems on VIP points until you are VIP Level 10. Once you reach VIP 10 then you can start getting 1 legendary sculpture every day.
  • Save your speed-ups before you max your castle and academy. It will be a while before you can gather enough Books, So can take advantage of that time and max out other buildings without speed-ups.

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