Rise of Kingdoms(ROK) – Top new open-field marches in 2021

This article is now updated – Check the new open field commander painting for 2022 in ROK

One of the key features of rise of Kingdoms is open-field fighting. It’s very important during kvk. Without the proper field-fight supports your kingdom won’t be able to conquer passes, flags, fortress, ruins, or altars. Aside from that, it’s so much fun as long as you have tons of resources and speed-ups.

Here is a full guide for an open-field fight with some deadly commander pairing which will provide you so much value.

List of things you will need to have in March for open-field fights

  • March speed – to catch and run away from enemies
  • Tankiness and sustainability – no matter how careful, you are gonna end up getting swarmed sometimes.
  • AOE – Area of attack skill damage can hit multiple targets during murder balls, it can provide you so many free kills!
  • Buffs and Debuffs – whenever fighting in a group, you need to have some sort of buff on your march and debuff on enemy marches.

Best Commanders Tier List – Updated with new Commanders

1. Xiang Yu and William(best Cavalry pair)

best open field commanders ROK

This is the number one cavalry pairing for open-field. Both XY and William have AOE skill damage. They also have great debuffs like defense reduction and March speed buffs. March speed bonus works in a way, which can help you escape the battle if you get in trouble. Overall this is the perfect open-field March.

2. Saladin and William(support Cavalry pair)

Best F2p commander rise of kingdoms

If you have been playing rise of kingdoms for a while there is a good chance you might have Saladin already max out. So will just need to max out William to achieve a solid Cavalry open-field pairing. While XY provides AOE value, Saladin provides more tankiness as well as more support options with March speed and healing reduction. If you are not a big spender maybe you should consider using this commander pairing to help out your allies.

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3.Guan Yu and Leonidas(Infantry AOE)

best open field commanders rok

Even after the release of new infantry commander Cheok Jun-gyeong, Guan and Leonidas are the still best infantry combination for open-field. They have better AOE and survivability. Leonidas has tons of health and defense buff. Additionally, he can regenerate rage faster, firing one skill after another for solid AOE skill damage output. His synergy with Guan is also good. Guan can silence enemies and Leonidas deals more damage to silenced enemies.

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4. Guan Yu and Cheok Jun-gyeong(Infantry full nuke damage)

Rise of kingdoms war strategy

Cheok isn’t too far behind Leonidas. When paired with Guan he can provide more damage output along with the March speed bonus, something that Leonidas pairing lacks. CJ has very high primary skill damage with additional skill damage. When you combine that with Guan’s skill damage, it will be one of the highest nuking damage in the rise of kingdoms.

5. Guan Yu and Alexander the Great(Infantry sustain damage)

open field combat rise of kingdoms

Yes, for the third time, Guan is the primary commander here. That’s how good he is actually for open-field. However problem with the Guan is that as soon as enemies see him on the field, they try to rip him apart. That’s where Alexander comes in. He can provide extra tankiness with a shield and also has a crucial March speed bonus for escape. As well as he is immune to all damage reduction Debuffs while providing heal reduction debuffs on enemies.

6. Nebuchadnezzar and Yi Seong- Gye(Archer full AOE)

best archer open field rok

Nebu and YSG both can hit up to 5 enemy marches with extremely high skill damage. That’s a total of 10 enemies marches being hit at the same time. During murderball, this march can do wonders. Just don’t go in too deep and keep hitting with AOE and you will end up with lots of free kills.

7. Amanitore and Artemisia– (infantry killer Archer)

rise of kingdoms new archer pairing

Guan is currently the best infantry commander for open-field and almost everyone is using him. Newly released Archer commander Amani and Artemisia particularly shine at smashing infantry. According to recent reports, they absolutely demolish Guan and Leonidas. Not just that, this pairing can actually give a good fight to top cavalry pairing XY and William. They also have double AOE value and high skill damage output.

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8. Ramesses and Yi Seong- Gye(Archer sustain nuking)

YSG rise of kingdom

The attack tree on Ramesses is really good. He can provide, defense reduction, skill damage taken reduction, attack bonus, defense bonus, some healing, heal debuff on enemies, crucial March speed bonus, basically all the good stuff for open field fight. With good March speed and tankiness, Ram can run around on the map while YSG snips down 5 enemies players with AOE damage.

9. Trajan and Harald Sigurdsson (Leadership/buff)

best leadership march rok

Trajan provides a valuable skill damage buff along with a rage restoration buff. On top of that, he has a health and defense bonus making him very tanky. And the longer he stays on the field, the stronger he gets with more damage output. Harald can make this march even stronger with counterattack damage and abilities to withstand swarming. This is the must-have open-field March especially if you are a big player.

10. Trajan and Aethelflaed(Leadership/buff/debuff)

best f2p march rok

For F2P players, Aethelflaed could be a good alternative to Harald as a secondary commander to Trajan. You can max her out for free using the expedition medal store. Aethelflaed can debuff up to 5 marches reducing their attack, defense, health as well as March speed. That’s a solid debuff, however, this march will be less tanky compared to Harald.

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Now, keep in mind that these are just recommendations based on reports and results we saw. You can always experiment with different commander combinations and talent trees to find out your favorite commander pairing.

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