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Rise of kingdoms best civilization in 2022 for different playstyles


There are so many different civilizations available in rise of kingdoms(ROK). There total of 13 civilizations available in rok. Now it brings up the question that which is the best civilization in rise of kingdoms? The answer might be not so simple because based on your playstyle and main troop type there could be many options and not just one. So here is the list of the best rise of kingdoms civilizations.

Best Civilization of Rise of Kingdoms

There are so many things that you need to consider while picking your main civilization. For example, whether you going to be a rally leader or an open field player, what’s your main troop type is going to be, infantry, cavalry, or Archer? Based on this information you can pick out one good civilization. Below you will find different civilizations for different tasks divided into a tier list.

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Civilization Tier List

Civilization Tier Rankspecialty
EgyptSArcher Rally
GermanyACavs Field fight/
Troops training
BritainAArcher Field fight/
Troops training
FranceSField fights
VikingsSInfantry Focus
Early development
JapanCFarming resources
KoreaBArcher field fights/
Hosptial capacity
SpainBResource production
ArabiaSCavs Rally
Ottoman EmpireSArcher Nuking / Rally
ByzantineBArcher field fights/
Hosptial capacity

Best civilization for Beginners



Commander: Sun Tzu
Special Troop: Chu-Ko-Nu(Archer)

  • Troop defense 3%
  • Action point recovery 5%
  • Building speed 5%

If you are wondering which civilization is best when you just getting started in rise of kingdom, then china is your answer. Why? Well, in the beginning, will you really have to do is just upgrade buildings. China civilization can provide you 5% boost on building speed which can save you lots of speed-ups. Aside from that, it gives you Sun Tzu as a starting commander. Sun Tzu is a very powerful commander, especially at the beginning

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Best civilization for general field fights



Commander: Joan of Arc
Special Troop: Throwing Axeman(Infantry)

  • Troop health 3%
  • Wood gathering speed 10%
  • Hospital healing speed 20%

Field fighting is super fun until you realize you have a hospital full of wonder troops. Healing troops, especially tier-5 troops cost lots of resources and speed-ups. That’s where France civilization comes in. It gives you 20% troops heal speed meaning you will save 20% of your speed ups when healing troops. It’s a very important boost during KvK where you will be doing constant field fights. You also get a Joan of Arc as starting commander, who is probably the best gatherer commander in the game. On top of that, she is also an excellent support commander for field fights in the early stages of the game.

Best civilization for Archer



Commander: Imhotep
Special Troop: Maryannu(Archer)

  • Archer attack 5%
  • Rally Damage 5%
  • Building and research speed 1.5%

Egypt is a relatively new civilization with a new epic commander Imhotep, however, it seems extremely good for archer rallying. previously the best one was ottoman which provided 5% archer health along with 5% skill damage. Egypt seems the better choice because instead of only skill damage boost it provides a 5% Rally attack boost and if we are not mistaken, it includes both skill and normal attack.

Ottoman Empire(Rally/Garrison/Field-fights)

Commander: Osman I
Special Troop: Janissary(Archer)

  • Archer health 5%
  • Troop march speed 5%
  • Active skill damage 5%

While Egypt might be the best one Ottoman empire is still a solid choice for archer rally leaders. It provides 5% march speed which is good for the rally as well as the 5% archer health which is essential for archer troop type. On top of that, there is a sweet sweet bonus of 5% skill damage, which is no joke when used with high active skill damage archer commanders. Lastly, unlike Egypt Ottoman Empire is also good for archer field fight players.

Best civilization for Cavalary



Commander: Baibars
Special Troop: Mamluk(Cavalary)

  • Cavalary attack 5%
  • Damage to barbarians 10%
  • Rally damage 5%

Cavalary is definitely the most popular choice for the rally among the rally leaders and Arabia is the best choice for it. Arabia civilizations give a 5% Cavs attack boost along with a 5% rally damage bonus. Now it may not seem like much but this is the best boost available in that game for the Cavs rally at the moment.



Commander: Hermann
Special Troop: Teutonic Knight(Cavalary)

  • Cavalary attack 5%
  • Troop training speed 5%
  • Action point recovery speed 10%

If you are not a rally-focused player then Germany will be a great choice for you. It provides the same 5% Cavs attack but instead of rally damage, you get too training speed boost which can save you lots of speed-ups in long run. And 10% action point recovery speed is also a nice little bonus.

Best civilization for Infantry

Vikings (Field-fights)


Commander: Bjorn Ironside
Special Troop: Berserker(Infantry)

  • Infantry attack 5%
  • Counter damage 3%
  • Troop load 10%

Vikings civilization can nicely boost to your Infantry march them with 5% attack and 3% counter damage. The counter damage is good for field fights because most of the time your March will end up getting swarmed by the enemies.



Commander: Scipio Africanus(Epic)
Special Troop: Legionary(Infantry)

  • Infantry defense 5%
  • Troop march speed 5%
  • Resource gathering speed 10%

Garrisoning is all about defending the objective for as long as you can and what does defending requires? Defense, right! That’s exactly what Rome civilization provides you, 5% infantry defense. Infantry isn’t very popular for rallying but rally leaders do use Pakal/Harald and a 5% march speed boost can benefit them.

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Best civilization in General

Britain, Germany


once kvk is finished there will be a time well all you need to do is train troops and increase your power. Britain and Germany both provide a 5% training speed boost which can save you lots of speed-ups. You can go with Britain if you are archer focused player and with Germany if you are a cavalry player. Sadly there is not civilization for infantry players which also provides a training speed boost.

Best civilization for Farm accounts



Commander: Kusunoki Masashige
Special Troop: Samurai(Infantry)

  • Infantry defense 5%
  • Troop march speed 5%
  • Resource gathering speed 10%

All the fighting is nice but it also costs tons of resources. So it will require you to make some farm account that has the sole purpose of gathering resources. Now the question is which civilization is best for farming? The answer is Japan, it provides a 5% gathering speed boost for all resources type.

Additionally, if you are making resources specific farm account then you can go with the following civilization based on the resource type.

  • Rome– food gathering speed 10%
  • France– wood gathering speed 10% + plus amazing gatherer commander Joan of Arc
  • Byzantium– stone gathering speed 10%

Should you change civilization in rise of kingdoms?

if you are f2p or mid-spender then you really shouldn’t change your civilization very often. Changing civilization in rok isn’t cheap at all it cost 10,000 gems or 2m alliance credit. However, if you are an advanced player or rally leader then you might need to change your civilization often. for example, if you are in rallying in kvk with archers you will be using ottoman or Egypt. But when rally meta changes to cavalry you gonna need to switch to Arabia. And when you leave kvk phase and come to the home kingdom, it’s better to use Germany or Britain for training troops.

How to change civilization in rise of kingdoms?

There are two ways to change civilization in ROK. The first one is using 10,000 gems to buy a civilization change token. This method isn’t just stupid but it’s absolutely ridiculous. So follow this second method which only requires alliance credit.

  1. First head to the alliance shop and find the civilization change token in the shop
  2. if you don’t see a civilization change token then tell your R4 to add one for you.
  3. you will need 2 million alliance credits to purchase civilization change.
  4. once you are done buying the civilization change token, click on your profile picture.
  5. On the top right side, you will find your current civilization name mentioned, there will be a change icon right in front of that civilization name.
  6. Click on that button and you will be able to change your civilization from there

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