PUBG Mobile won’t get unbanned in India

PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government, along with many other Chinese Apps. However recently there were many rumors about PUBGM being unbanned in India. Well, PUBG fans we have sad news for you.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology also known as MeitY has confirmed that they haven’t granted any permission for the re-launch of the PUBGM in India.

The GEM Esports asked MeitY regarding the unban of PUBG. They filed RTI on 30th November and the ministry gave a response on 11th December. Gem Esport shared a screenshot on their official Instagram account. You can see it below.

So, PUBG will not ever re-launch in India? Well, as per Insidesport, PUBG corporation is working on getting an appointment with the MeitY regarding PUBG Mobile re-launch. However don’t expect approval for at least a couple of months.

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