PS5 release date, price, specifications, and news

Sony’s next-gen console ps5(PlayStation5) is coming this year. PlayStation gamers are super excited about it.

At the moment questions in everyone’s mind are when will ps5 will release? how much ps5 will cost? what’s specs for it? and tons of others. worry not we got answer of all of those question right here. we will keep updating information as we found out more.

ps5 Release Date & Pre-Order

Sony hasn’t told us about the exact release date yet. but they have confirmed that PS5 will be released around Holiday 2020. there are high chances it will drop near the end of November 2020.

For Pre- Order, there is a rumor that US Gamer will start taking orders for Playstation 5 in march 2020.

ps5 Price

First there was a rumor that ps5 will cost £900 in UK. later sony confirmed, it’s just a rumor. for actual price sony hasn’t revealed anything.

ps4 and ps4 pro was launched at $399 in US. new PlayStation has some major improvements over last one. looking at competition, Xbox One X is Price at $350.

So this next-gen console will cost you around 499$ or maybe even a little more. one thing is for sure that this will be the costliest console ever.

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PlayStation 5 specifications & features

Check new Official PS5 and Xbox Series X Specs Here.

At the moment we don’t know full specs for, but we will tell you everything we know.

ps5 will be equipped with Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset powered with AMD’s new Navi GPUs.

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Navi GPU means PlayStation5 will also support Ray tracing. taking advantage of AMD’s new SmartShift technology, it will unlock doors for 8k Gaming. this really shouldn’t be surprised, but yes it will support PSVR.

For next-gen gaming on the next-gen console, HDD will never be enough. ps5 will have ultra-fast SSD for storage. its gonna be almost 19x faster than regular SSD.

ps5 backward compatibility

Now this is something very interesting and useful for PlayStation gamers. problem with every new PlayStation was that they didn’t support games of previous PlayStation.

Sony has confirmed that ps5 will have backward compatibility. meaning you will be able to play with ps4 players. There are some rumors saying it will also support PS3, PS2, and PlayStation games. it will be like a dream come true. one console to play them all!

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