Is Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 Remastered Worth it?

It seems like there’s a growing trend of major game studios re-releasing some of their biggest titles, and if you’re as excited as we are, you’ve googled epic gaming room ideas to construct your dream PC setup, and now you’re ready to experience all of the classics again!

Fan-favorite game series Crysis is finally fully remastered following the addition of Crysis 2 and 3 to the lot. When both games were released in 2011 and 2013 respectively they were met with rave reviews regarding their sleek look and feel; fast forward to 2021 have the re-releases added anything to measure up with the newest hardware?

In 2011 Crysis 2 was released on DirectX9 and then eventually upgraded to DirectX11. While DX9 might have been an awesome API during its time, let’s just say the changes on the latest version make a world of difference. From a sleek Ray tracing for reflections to new color grading features that add new filters to the overall aesthetic of the game. These graphic additions make the new game worthy of the latest displays and hardware. Another notable change is the lighting which is thanks to a shift from DX11 to software-based real-time global illumination technology (svogi).

World details such as glass and transparent objects have been greatly improved and in some instances will show an accurate reflection of the player. This is one of the features that put Crysis 2 a cut above the remastered Crysis 1 released in 2020. The 1080p to 2160p resolution is available on PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox One Series X while 900P to 1440p is on the series S. It’s worth noting that consoles miss out on the Ray tracing features available on PC but the game still looks significantly better than its predecessor in many cool ways.

The second title, Crysis 3 has more limited changes than Crysis 2 because, in 2013, the third game already had some of the triple-A features available today such as Cry Engine evolution. It contains all of the same features mentioned above in Crysis 2 with a few minor tweaks. The performance of Crysis 3 is breathtaking, however, it performs better on Xbox than on Playstation. Playstation gamers have reported checkpoint stutters and occasional crashes.

Console versions aside, the PC Crysis 3 remastered is a game we can all love! The software-based real-time global illumination technology (svogi) is really nice on PC. The in-game materials and textures look crisp, and coupled with RT reflections we get a game that not only looks realistic but is well lit too.

The water surfaces in Crysis 3 don’t make use of any RT technology, Instead, they opted for “full planar” reflections, which are more demanding on hardware performance but when coupled with a great machine, produces good quality flat water surfaces. Water aside, Ray tracing can be found on other reflective surfaces. Another notable environmental change in Crysis 3 is the vegetation, which looks much more accurate than in its former version.

In conclusion, It’s clear that the remastered sequels will hold their own in 2021 and will certainly impress die-hard fans in their new form. Now that the titles have scaled to the latest hardware, it’ll be interesting to see if there’ll ever be any need to release the remasters of the remastered games. We guess only time will tell. But, if you enjoyed the Crysis Trilogy in the past you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more today. We recommend giving these new versions a try, You won’t be disappointed.

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