Fortnite X Batman: Epic Games New DC Crossover

Yesterday on Batman Day, Epic Games has announced the new crossover event called “Fortnite X Batman.” previously we had Fortnite X mayhem event which ended a little while ago. During that event part of the map turned in to wasteland from the borderland. We also got a set of challenges and skin bundle related to the theme.

Fortnite X Batman is almost the same except everything is based on DC Comic’s Legendary character Batman. How cool is that? Title tower is now turned in to Gotham City. When you enter into Gotham city your glider turns into amazing looking Batman wings. Your character also gets Batman cape. 

As a part of new crossover two new items have been added to the game.

Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang added in to fortnite as part of fortnite X batmna
Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang – Epic Games

these new items can be found in Chests, Supply Drops, Llamas as well as normal loot. Batman Grapnel Gun similar to a grappling gun except sick looking batman wings comes out when you use it. Batarang is an explosive item which deals 50 dmg to players and 200 dmg to the environment.

Batman and Catwomen in Fortnite

Batman Caped Crusader Pack

Fortnite X Batman new Batman Caped Crusader Pack

During Fortnite X Batman new Batman Caped Crusader Pack is available in-store for 19.99$. this pack includes 6 batman themed items.

  1. Batman Comic Book Outfit
  2. Batman Comic Book Cape Back Bling
  3. The Dark Knight Movie Outfit
  4. The Dark Knight Movie Cloak Back Bling
  5. Batman Pickaxe
  6. Batwing Glider

Fortnite X Batman: Catwomen themed items

Of course, epic hasn’t forgotten about Catwoman. you can purchase some Catwoman item in-store along with other batman themed items using v-bucks.

Image reference – Epic Games
  1. Catwoman Comic Book Outfit
  2. Jeweled Cat Back Bling
  3. Cat’s Claw Harvesting Tool
  4. Whipcrack/ Bat Signal Emote
  5. Bat Glider
  6. Caped Crusader Music

Fortnite X Batman Challenges

in this new event, we also have new limited-time challenges. these challenges will give you some sweet rewards to everyone. its available for non-battle pass f2p players too.


This is a series of random challenges. for example, get 2 kills with a suppressed weapon. new challenge will be revealed every day. after completing total 3 challenges in Gothic you will get a gothic loading screen. other rewards are battle stars and XP.

Fortnite Gothic Loading Screen

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Welcome to Gotham City

This challenge has a total of 6 batman themed quests and it will give you 4 amazing rewards for finishing them as well as 50 battle stars. Welcome to Gotham City challenge will end on 1st October.

 The Bat and The Cat loading screen fortnite
  1. The Bat and The Cat loading screen
  2. Catwing Glider
  3. Batarang Spray
  4. Batman icon Banner

Note: Fortnite X Batman event is Available till 6th October.

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