FIFA 22 – Adidas Numbers UP Promo Player list and Release Date

FIFA 22 Ultimate team has a new promo named Adidas Numbers Up. During this promo number of players will receive a stat boost until one of the stat reaches 99 points. Here is everything you need to know about the Adidas Numbers UP Promo.

The FIFA 22 Numbers Up promo was announced on 12th November along with the first team cards. How exactly player stat boost is going to work? Well, the player attributes will increase based on the type of boots worn by that particular player.

There are three different types of boots, each giving a different type of stat boost. Players who wear Addidas X will have increased pace. Adidas Predator will give a dribbling boost to Outfielders and a Handling boost to goalkeepers. Passing attributes will be boosted by Adidas COPA. Players specific attributes will go all the way to 99 points. Aside from that other attributes will also get a slight improvement.

The stat upgrade will happen in three phases. The first one is already out and the second one will go somewhere at the end of December. The final third release will happen in early 2022, according to some leaks maybe in April.

FIFA 22 Numbers UP Player cards

This is the list of players who have received the boost. The stats are based on the first release and will be updated once the second release comes in.

Adidas X Players

Player NameTeamStat Boost
Diogo JotaLiverpool91 PAC
Di MaríaPSG90 PAC
Giovanni ReynaBorussia Dortmund89 PAC
João FélixAtlético Madrid90 PAC
Moussa DembéléOlympique Lyon89 PAC
Sergio ReguilónTottenham Hotspur91 PAC
Steven BergwijnTottenham Hotspur92 PAC

Adidas Predator Players

Player NameTeam Stat Boost
Éder MilitãoReal Madrid80 DRI
Florian NeuhausBorussia Mönchengladbach89 DRI
Marc-André ter StegenFC Barcelona89 HAN
Dele AlliTottenham Hotspur90 DRI
Marco AsensioReal Madrid91 DRI

Adidas Copa Players

Player NameTeam Stat Boost
Amadou DiawaraA.S. Roma87 PAS
Declan RiceWest Ham86 PAS
Mats HummelsBorussia Dortmund87 PAS
Fabián RuizNapoli87 PAS

Speaking of Price, these stats boosted player cards are not gonna be cheap, especially, pace-heavy players. Diogo Jota is selling for around 500,000 FIFA coins and Di Maria’s price is hovering around 320,000 FIFA coins. If you running low on Coins, then try playing more matches, selling players that you don’t use, or buying some cheap FIFA 20 Coins online.

There are two limited edition player cards on this list. Steven Bergwijn and Marco Asensio, both can be acquired by completing Numbers up SBCs, which will be available till 19, November.

EA has also assured that the stat boost will be available throughout the season even if players choose to leave Adidas or get injured.

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