FIFA 21 Release Date, Pre-order, and latest News

FIFA 21 is still almost one month away from the official release. But, So much information about the game is already out. Here is everything that we know so far.

FIFA 21 Release Date & Pre-order

FIFA 21 is set to be released on 9, October 2020. However, if you pre-order, you will have early access to the game. Early access starts on 6, October 2020. Gamers with EA Play subscription will be able to play on 1st, October.

Pre-orders are already started since 18, June. You get discounted price, Early access of the game and some exclusive in-game rewards.

FIFA 21 comes in Ultimate Edition, Champions Edition, and Standard Edition. You can Pre-order for PS4, Xbox One or PC here.

leagues & competitions list

FIFA 21 will have 30+ leagues and competitions which includes some the biggest names like Premier League, La Liga, and Champions League.

Heres is the full list of tournaments.

  • Premier League (England)
  • Championship (England)
  • League One (England)
  • League Two (England)
  • Champions League (Europe)
  • Europa League (Europe)
  • UEFA Super Cup (Europe)
  • Chinese Super League (China)
  • La Liga (Spain)
  • La Liga 2 (Spain)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • Ligue 2 (France)
  • Primera Division (Argentina)
  • A-League (Australia)
  • Bundesliga (Austria)
  • Pro League (Belgium)
  • Liga Do Brasil (Brazil)
  • Primera Division (Chile)
  • Primera Division (Colombia)
  • Superliga (Denmark)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Bundesliga 2 (Germany)
  • Liga (Germany)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Calcio B (Italy)
  • Premier Division (Ireland)
  • J1 League (Japan)
  • Liga MX (Mexico)
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)
  • Eliteserien (Norway)
  • Ekstraklasa (Poland)
  • Primeira Liga (Portugal)
  • Liga 1 (Romania)
  • MBS Pro League (Saudi Arabia)
  • Scottish Premiership (Scotland)
  • K-League 1 (South Korea)
  • Allskenskan (Sweden)
  • Super League (Switzerland)
  • Super Lig (Turkey)
  • Major League Soccer (United States / Canada)
  • Copa Libertadores (South America)
  • Copa Sudamericana (South America)
  • Recopa Sudamericana (South America)

New Features


Gameplay will have major improvements in FIFA 21. It has features like Agile Dribbling, Positioning Personality and Creative Runs for better player movement controls. Fundamentals of football like passing, blocking and manual headers are updated for more realistic simulation.

Career Mode

FIFA 21 has something new called “Quick Sim”, which will allow you to jump in and out the matches to control the season. AI opposition is now enhanced in attack and defence to give you more competitiveness.

New FIFA also has an Active Training System, using which you can set up group training sessions to improve your players. There is also a schedule planner for these training sessions.

Volta Football

For those who love street football, FIFA 21 offers Volta Footballl. It will allow you to experience street style football along with your friends throughout popular location of the world.

Ultimate Team

Now you can get FUT Rewards by completing Co-op objective with your friends using FUT Co-Op feature.

EA sports has said that there will be no consumable FUT items in FIFA 21. That means you will no longer need training cards to boost players. Now players will automatically recharge fitness and stamina.

Lastly, Number of games are limited to 40 which will contribute to player’s rank in Division Rivals.


FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition is priced at £89.99/$99.99.

Champions Edition is available for £79.99/$79.99.

To get you started Standard Edition will cost you £59.99/$59.99.

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