DualSense: PS5 Controller Design, Features, Price and More

PS5 Controller is now officially unveiled by Sony. it will be called “DualSense” controller. DualSense has some design and feature enhancement over Playstation 4 controller, DualShock 4.

DualSense has a built-in microphone, meaning you no longer need a headset to talk. Trigger buttons are now adaptive with haptic feedback. DualShock 4’s old share button is replaced with new Create button.

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Haptic feedback re-creates real-life touch experience using a vibrations. this should improve player’s immersion with the game.

Create button is basically share button with some more features for streamers and gaming content creators. Sony hasn’t described anything about these features in announcement.

Sony PS5 controller still has Audio Jack, meaning you can still use wired gaming headsets without any discomfort.

Biggest design change is LED lightbar is now surrounding touchpad. previously it was top of the controller.

DualSense has a two-tone color design. trigger button, thumbstick, and, the PlayStation logo is black. Other buttons and area around it, is white. Sadly, Circle, Cross, Square and Triangle button no longer have colors on them.

How is the battery life of DualSense controller? well, Sony hasn’t said anything about battery and other specs yet. but in official announcement they did say it has improved battery life over DS4. there is also a rumor that it will also support wireless charging.

PS5 Controller(DualSense) Release Date and Price

The PS5 controller will release along with PS5 itself. meaning it also will be launching a Holiday 2020.

As per the price of the DualSense, it hasn’t announced by Sony. DS4 is selling for 60$-65$ right now. So we are guessing new controller will be available for 70$-75$.

(Source: Playstation Blog)

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