Doom Eternal will be Available on Xbox Game Pass

Doom Eternal is one of the most successfully long-running video games for Bethesda. Recently Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax(parent company of Bethesda and id Software) for 7.5 billion dollars. Pre-order for Xbox Series X and Series S are already started.

It’s only natural that the company wanted to add new content to Xbox Game Pass to attract more gamers. So, Now Doom Eternal is gonna be a part of Xbox Game Pass on October, 1. It will be launching for PC later this year.

Doom Eternal will be the first Bethesda game to be on Xbox Game Pass. Xbox made this announcement using their Twitter account.

Doom Eternal is a sequence of one of the most popular shooter game, Doom(2016). This first-person shooter is perfect for someone who enjoys demons and Gore. You get to chop off monsters using Chainsaw, Doomblade, and a bunch of other weapons.

Since we are on the subject, there is another announcement that you should know. id software has said that Doom eternal will be upgraded without any cost for new consoles along with Elder Scrolls Online. Meaning if you owned it on Xbox One or PS4 then you don’t need to buy it for Xbox series x/series S or PS5.

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