Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 Cancelled due to Corona

Back in April Call of duty Mobile got its first official eSports tournament. Now after stage 4 just as we approach the end of the tournament, Activision has canceled the stage 5 grand finals.

The corona outbreak is the reason why we gonna miss out on the Call of duty Mobile World championship finals.

According to a tweet from CODM official Twitter account, they are concern about the safety and health of players and fans.

It seems like the right move given the current Covid-19 condition. It will be really hard to manage a large scale eSports event during a pandemic.

What about the prize money? Well, the prize pool of $750k will be disturbed amongst stage 4 winners. Total 6 teams (Rejection, Influence Rage, Kings Clan, T1, Team Mayhem, Tribe Gaming) was able to make it to the finals. So each team will get around $107k.

As of now, most of the players and fans have understood the situation and made their peace with the decision. If you have been waiting eagerly for the finals, don’t worry soon there will be a new tournament announcement for 2021. However, there is no official word on that from CODM.

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