Call of Duty Halloween Event Brings New Zombie Royal

Activision has announced a new Call of duty Halloween event. It’s called “Haunting of Verdansk” and it brings New game modes along with some Halloween themed rewards.

The Haunting of Verdansk event will be available on both, call of duty Warzone and Modern Warfare. It starts today on 20, October.

Infinity Ward finally brings one of the most awaited game modes, Zombie Royal mode into the call of duty. In the Zombie Royal mode, Operators will come back as zombies after being killed. They can’t use weapons. However, they do get increased melee damage, more speed, and thermal vision.

When you kill other players as zombies they drop the syringe. If you collect two syringes, then you can land back to your squad with your loadout.

You can also open Trick or treat boxes during the matches, which will reward with you some cosmetics. There is also new legendary assault rifle skin, “pumpkin punisher” in the mix. Some characters from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will also be available to play in the event.

There is gonna be two new modes, Onslaught and Sniper only in Call of duty Modern Warfare. Sniper Only mode is pretty self-explanatory. In the Onslaught mode, there is gonna be a juggernaut suit. Your squad can either take control of juggernaut or hunt it down with miniguns.

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