Best Weapons in Apex Legends for Season 7

Apex Legends season 7 Ascension is halfway, and we have a new map rotation king’s canyon. Here are some of the best Weapons in the game that will help you rank up fast.

Before we go any further, All the supply drop exclusive weapons aren’t going to be part of the list. Currently peacekeeper shotgun, Prowler SMG, and Kraber .50-cal Sniper. are supply drop exclusive weapons.

Now keep in mind that none of these weapons magically makes you good. You still need good skills and ain to win in the Apex Legends. These weapons will give you a slight edge over the others.

Different players have different play styles so we are going one weapon per category for this list.

Best Assualt Rifle Auto: Flatline

  • Ammo Type: Heavy
  • Mag Size: 20/25/28/30
  • Dmg Body: 19
  • Dmg Headshot: 38
  • DPS: 190

If you are an Assualt Rifle player who prefers auto/hip fire, then Flatline will be a pretty good gun for you. It has little tricky recoil but it hits very hard and has a fair amount of range too. The fire rate is pretty good too. Overall it’s a pretty good weapon for beginners.

Best Assualt Rifle Burst: Hemlok

  • Ammo Type: Heavy
  • Mag Size: 18/24/27/30
  • Dmg Body: 22
  • Dmg Headshot: 44
  • DPS: 180

Like shooting in a burst? Well here is another excellent Heavy ammo AR. Actually, Hemlok could be a little better than Flatline given you can land the shots in the burst. Additionally, Flatline isn’t very good at long range however that’s not gonna be a problem for Hemlok. On the other hand, Hemlok trades off a little bit of a fire rate.

Best SMG: R-99

  • Ammo Type: Light
  • Mag Size: 20/22/24/27
  • Dmg Body: 11
  • Dmg Headshot: 17
  • DPS: 198

After missing out the entire season, R- 99 is finally back. It’s undoubtedly the best SMG in the game. R-99 has very high DPS while having fast mobility. It has a fair amount of recoil and offers an insanely fast fire rate. In the short-range, this weapon is absolutely lethal.

Alternative: Volt

  • Ammo Type: Energy
  • Mag Size: 19/21/23/26
  • Dmg Body: 16
  • Dmg Headshot: 24
  • DPS: 208

Lots of players use light ammo, so here is an energy ammo based alternative to R-99. It has better range and recoil while trading off mobility and fire rate.

Best LMG: Devotion

  • Ammo Type: Energy
  • Mag Size: 36/40/44/48
  • Dmg Body: 16
  • Dmg Headshot: 32
  • DPS: 240

None of the LMGs are that impressive. But if it’s the weapon of your choice, Devotion should be your pick. Devotion has the highest DPS and faster fire rate compare to both the other LMGs. Recoil is hard to control but it’s better than spitfire’s zigzag recoil. With rampart’s passive and right attachments like turbocharger and barrel stabilizer, this could be pretty good LMG.

Best Sniper Rifle: Triple Take

  • Ammo Type: Sniper
  • Mag Size: 6/7/8/9
  • Dmg Body: 23×3 = 69
  • Dmg Headshot: 46×3 = 138
  • DPS: 101

Charge rifle is good but triple take is better. There are so many ways you can play with it. Triple take is effective at any range. It fires 3 penetrating projectiles which give you a chance to hit multiple enemies at the same time. Additionally, you can also get very high damage with charged shots especially when you land a headshot.

Best Shotgun: Mastiff

  • Ammo Type: Shotgun
  • Mag Size: 6
  • Dmg Body: 13×8
  • Dmg Headshot: 16×8
  • DPS: 167

There isn’t much to talk about here. Mastiff is the ultimate shotgun in the game right now. Widespread can damage multiple enemies at the same time. Try to hit just one good headshot from mastiff and enjoy your enemy blowing up to pieces. Alternatively, if you like auto shotgun then Eva-8 with double tap trigger isn’t very bad either. But it most certainly is not as good as the mastiff.

Best Pistol: Wingman

  • Ammo Type: Heavy
  • Mag Size: 5/6/7/8
  • Dmg Body: 45
  • Dmg Headshot: 90
  • DPS: 117

There isn’t any real competition here. Wingman was and will be the best pistol in the Apex Legends. It’s not at all easy to use a weapon, even some pro players still struggle to land headshots with it. However, when you are connecting headshots especially with skull piercer, it’s absolute Chaos. This is the weapon you should definitely use and practice every day for higher leagues.

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