The Best GTA V Updates That Kept You Playing

There is an ongoing hunger from gamers for Grand Theft Auto, which is like no other; the sometimes-controversial franchise has an allure that keeps people coming back for more. The recent announcement and subsequent release of the remastered versions of the previous games released by Rockstar, GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are testaments to that.

Even viewers on Twitch are hooked to its gameplay; in terms of all-time views, GTA V is the fourth most-watched game of all time on the platform. It’s astonishing when you consider that there’s been no new standalone original content released for gamers since GTA V hit the shelves over eight years ago in 2013. However, it remains as popular as ever.

While other companies churn through their franchises, Rockstar took a different path by releasing constant updates to the title, which added an episodic element to its original form, both for offline mode players and GTA gamers who prefer to take things online. It has kept the game feeling fresh, and although there’s no news of a GTA VI just yet, gamers are seemingly as happy as ever to strut their stuff around the streets of Los Santos for a while yet.

So, let’s take a look at some of those extra pieces to the GTA jigsaw that gamers have come to love.


This mode was mooted before it was released but didn’t get included until an update in March 2015. This game mode brought players together online as a great way to increase your in-game bank balance, albeit in nefarious ways! The ace in the hole was how the heists are structured, which meant that each player had a role to play in completing the robbery, adding an extra layer of playability to the multiplayer experience. The action isn’t limited to holding up a bank or financial institution either, as you find yourself taking from gang members too before heading off avoiding the barrage of bullets aimed in your direction!

Diamond Casino & Resort

Once you’ve got that extra cash, you need to spend it of course, and there’s nowhere better than the Diamond Casino & Resort. The resort was brought to the game in mid-2019, and players were able to head inside to play the GTA-themed slots, roulette, head to the sportsbook for a bet on the horses, and sample the casino staple, poker. Although the card game was rather basic, all you needed was a basic understanding of poker hand rankings to get by. But even then, the most uninitiated of players of the card game would still be able to play as the game almost held your hand as you waited for your turn. If you wished, Multiplayer options were made available, making it a fantastic digital casino experience befitting the immersive game.

Cunning Stunts

This was one for the petrol head, and the new update added more options to the original 42 racing choices for the player who loves to race around the streets on GTA V. However, in typical fashion, it didn’t just add the usual tarmac-based tracks oh no. Cunning Stunts added circuits in the sky too. There are giant tubes to race through to fiery rings of flame being suspended in mid-air as checkpoints while players race to be first to the finish line. Not only that, but players could also deck out their character in real racing-inspired outfits and go all-in to show off their racing credentials to opponents.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking back at some of the previous improvements made to the game. Maybe by the time GTV VI hits our gaming platform of choice, we might be able to drive the cars on the game, whilst we sit in our car, now that would be a completely different update altogether.

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