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Apex Legends season 8 Mayhem: Everything we know so far

apex season 8 new legend fuse
new legend- Fuse (source:EA)

Apex Legends season 7 is just about to end. We have new season 8 Mayhem coming up in just a few days. Here is every detail about new changes.

New Weapon

First up we have a new weapon called 30 30 repeater. It’s a slow firing lever-action rifle with some charge up mechanism. The 30 30 repeater will use heavy ammo.

New legend

Next up A new explosion-loving legend named Fuse will be joining the roster. We can hope there is going to be some new puns from Wattson regarding his name.

Fuse Abilities

Passive (Grenadier): It allows you to carry extra grenade per slot and you throw them to longer distance.

Tactical (Knuckle Cluster): It launches a cluster bomb that explodes continuously on impact.

Ultimate (The Motherload): Creates Ring of fire in designated area.

Map Changes

In season 8, Kings Canyon has a completely new look with some design changes. Places like Crash site, Spotted Lakes, Uncovered Bones, and The Crossings has been redesigned

Apex Legends season 8 – Observation Towers

There are new “Observation Towers” on the map. You can raise them to significant height to get high ground. However, there is always a possibility of sneak attacks as they will be connected to the zipline. There will total of four Observation Tower trough out new kings canyon.

Apex Legends season 8 – Explosive Holds

Additionally, there are new “Explosive Holds” for looting. You can open them with any explosive item. They contain some valuable loot inside them.

New Weapon Attachment

A new weapon attachment, tier 4 golden magazine is being added to the game. It automatically reloads holstered weapon. However, there is going to be a small delay before automatic reload happens.

Lastly, there are some meta changes in season 8. Rampart will be getting a buff on her tactical and Wraith might get nerfed again! As of now, it’s not official so we won’t go into the details for now.

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