Apex Legends season 7 Tier List

It’s been a while since the release of Apex Legends season 7. In the new season, we have a new map “Olympus”, and also a new legend “Horizon”. After trying all the new changes, now might be a good time to make a tier list for all the legend in season 7.

Before we take a look at the actual tier list, you need to understand a few things. First of all the legends are great, high tier legends will only give you a slight edge over the others. And even after that outcome of the game still heavily depends on your personal skills.

In the Apex Legends season, 7 New map Olympus favors mobility a lot. And there is hardly ever a team fight without a third party. Olympus also has many open field areas which makes survivability a little bit difficult.

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at tier list.

D tier legends


Octane has got slight buff latest patch notes. However, the arrival of the horizon makes him obsolete. Horizon has better movement control compare to octane. Her tactical does better than octane’s ultimate on shorter cooldown! Octane’s double healing rate does help you to quickly fire up his tactical ability. If you enjoy speed then you can still use otherwise he doesn’t have any team fight potential.


The rampart was introduced last season and she hasn’t been that impressive ever since. She did get buff for Sheila and Amped wall. So now you can make defense setup a little quickly with her. However, enemies can escape from her minigun very easily and it also takes away mobility from the rampart. Amped wall does help a little for a long-ranged fight in Olympus but Gibby is still better for that. You can only use her if you like LMG otherwise avoid her.

C tier legends


Mirage is definitely the most fun character to play in Apex. It’s very exciting to bamboozle your enemy and picking up kills. However, in higher leagues, your enemies will be smart enough to identify decoys very quickly. Mirage doesn’t have anything to contribute to the team fight besides invisibility during the revival. but if your teammate is down you are already in trouble and without any mobility, you will be finished off very soon.


Bangalore’s ultimate Rolling thunder has got a little buff in season 7. Now it takes 2 seconds less to explode. Her tactical ability to smoke is also very useful on the new map. Why is she still in the C tier? Well, because even after the buff, ultimate still has less damage. Additionally, her active mobility is also low compare to some other legends. Yes, there is passive which grants you increased mobility for a short period of time. But it only happens when someone is aiming at you.

B tier legends


Loba originally belongs to the C tier, but she got a nice little buff on her ultimate recent patch. Now you can loot unlimited ammo from ult, which comes in real handy in Olympus as there are so many time fights happening all the time. If you play loba right, you can make your squad ready for deadly team fights very early game. however Loba doesn’t contribute much during the actual team fight, the only thing she can do is escape them.


Wattson is a great defensive hero, she can hold down a place for so long. Her tactical Ability perimeter security has also gotten Damage buff. However, her defensive setup only works when your teammates cooperate with you. And we all know how players love to camp in Apex Legends! Most of the time your teammates will be running around in the open field and Wattson’s defense setup will be useless.


Third-party happens a lot in Olympus! it can work in your favor if you are the one doing the third party. Crypto’s ultimate Drone EMP is a great way to kick off team fights. It can slow down enemies to give your team an advantage. But once again you need to rely on your team’s co-operation, something which happens very rarely in lower leagues. His surveillance ability grants him survivability however he still lacks escape from the fight.


Caustic has some interesting changes in the new season. Now legends no longer have blurred vision in the gas, which makes caustic’s passive completely useless! On the other hand, Nox Gas damage has been increased. Caustic is still a deadly defensive hero and he can create Chaos if you use his gas trap perfectly. His ultimate is also very useful in team fights to create. However new map design doesn’t favor him as much as the king’s canyon. So there is definitely gonna be some fall offs for the doctor.

A tier legends


Revenant’s tactical ability is really useful in team fight given it’s being used perfectly. His ultimate death totem can bring back the entire squad to a safe place which grants you the freedom to jump in ongoing team fights. Once again Revenant has the same problem as crypto in order for his ultimate to work the whole squad needs to co-operate.


Lifeline can revive downed enemy while having the ability to move around freely. This alone is enough to put her on A tier. Additionally, she can regenerate the health of the entire squad which comes in handy after the team battle. Her ult is nothing impressive because loba does a better job at that. however, it’s still could be somewhat helpful. The only downside of lifeline is mobility which seems to be a key factor in Olympus.


Horizon is better way better than octane. Her tactical is quicker and also gives you better control. It also works on your teammates as well as enemies. Horizon’s ultimate black hole could be very deadly if used in the perfect place. However, most of the time mobility-based heroes will just end up escaping it on an open map like Olympus. Her passive ability doesn’t seem very important but it is. Sometimes when you engage in a team fight by jumping from a great height, you get stuck in the animation for a slight moment upon landing. It could be absolutely fatal. Horizon can make soft landing instead which gives her an advantage.

S tier legends


Pathfinder has always been the king of mobility ever since the beginning of apex legends and he had become even better after grapple buff. On the other hand, his hitbox got a little bigger in the last update, but it changes nothing. He is still a very low profile. Olympus benefits mobility and repositioning, and Pathfinder is perfect for that.


Wraith has been the most dominant legend in the game since the beginning. She is still one of the best legends in the game. Yes, even after the walk animation nerf. She can reposition better than any other legends. Wraith can also reposition teammates using her ultimate. Her passive ability is also very useful in team fights.


Bloodhound has become an absolute must in higher leagues. His ability to keep eye on enemies is extremely useful, especially in Olympus where multiple team fights are happening constantly. Bloodhound abilities don’t just help him but it also helps the teammates, making him a great pick for any team draft. His ultimate also gives him so much needed extra mobility.


Surprised to Gibraltar on S tier? Well, yes he is slow but his every single skill is made for team fights. Gibraltar ultimate can bring down destruction or it can be used for disengagement. His dome shield can give you instant cover. You can play around with it buy some valuable time. His passive shield gives you extra health during fights.

So this was Apex Legends tier list. what do you think about and who is your favorite legend?

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