Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date Officially Announced

We told you Apex Legends will be releasing for Nintendo Switch along with the new season 8: Mayhem. However, it has been delayed and Dev’s have confirmed the officially released date.

Apex Legends will be ready to play on Switch on 9th March 2021. It will come with cross-platform support and will feature a season 8 battle pass.

Switch players will get 30 free battle pass level at the launch because of the late release. Additionally, there will double XP boost for two weeks.

Respawn has partnered up with Panic Button Games for Switch port of Apex Legends. Panic Button is responsible for the Switch port of games like Doom Eternal, Warframe, Rocket League, and more. So we can expect Apex to be well optimized to run of Nintendo Switch.

Lastly, we can expect some Switch exclusive skins and accessories just like PlayStation Plus exclusives. However, there is no official word on it.

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