Apex legends: New Update Fight Night Events with LTM Game Mode

New Year 2021 brings a brand new Fight Night Collection event to Apex Legends. It includes a new LTM game mode, rewards, cosmetics, and bug fixes, and patch notes. The new events will kick off on 5 January.

Airdrop Escalation Takeover

The Airdrop Escalation is a new LTM game mode. It’s the same as a regular battle royal with tons of supply drops. You will find them on the map right after the launch and more supply drops will hit the ground with each round.

Supply drops contain fully-kitted weapons. The rarity of the weapon is based on round. Besides normal weapons and loot will still available in this mode. Additionally this time there isn’t going to be a separate game mode instead, it will takeover classic battle royal mode.

Pathfinder Town Takeover

Nothing more satisfying than punching your enemies in Apex Legends. Well, behold the Pathfinder Town Takeover.

Once you enter the ring, you won’t be able to use any weapons or abilities. You can’t damage players inside the ring from outside. Smash your enemies using your fist and get rare rewards. However, you have to leave the ring to use it.

Fight Night Rewards and New Cosmetics

With the new game mode, there is also gonna be new rewards. You will be able to unlock new Gibraltar, Re-45, and charge rifle skins. Additionally, there are some trackers and a loading screen in the mix.

gibraltar heirloom apex legends
Gibraltar Heirloom

We also have a new heirloom for Gibraltar. You can unlock it by purchasing event packs or by crafting it with materials. There is also gonna be skins for revenant, Wattson, and Banglore in the store.


Now MRVNs will be available in Olympia. They will grant you different tier loot based on facial expression showed on the screen.

  • White sad face: common loot
  • Normal blue face: Rare loot
  • Happy purple face: Epic loot
  • Very happy yellow face: Legendary loot

Key Patch Notes

First up Rampart and Caustic got some buff by getting cooldown reduction on their tactical.

Speaking of weapons, Hemlok gets nerf, gets decreased damage from 22 to 20. Mastiff gets a wider spread while Prowler now has more reserved bullets(210).

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