Apex Legends LTM Shadow Royale is Live Now

Respawn recently announced a new Halloween-themed LTM gameplay mode, Shadow Royale for apex legends. Now it’s available to play in the game. It will also reward you with trackers, skins, and some badges.

Shadow Royale Gameplay

Shadow Royale mode is just like a normal battle royal with few very interesting twists. First up it takes place after the dark meaning it’s a night time. In the Shadow Royal instead of dying you turn into a Shadow.

Shadows can’t use weapons or abilities but they do have increased melee damage, Faster sprint speed, and unlimited wall climbing range. You can also revive your fallen teammates while being in the Shadow form.

You will respawn after some time if you get killed as a shadow. However, respawn time will get longer each time. You will continue to come back as Shadow as long as at least one member of your squad is alive.

Every member of the squad also gets a Resurrection knockdown shield by default. In order to win there should be only one squad that should be left with at least one member alive.

Additionally, the entire map has a Halloween theme. For example when you open supply bins. A scary spider will come out of it suddenly. You can destroy them to get some valuable loot.

Remember, Shadow Royale mode does give XP. However progress made in this mode won’t affect your stats and normal quests. It will only fulfill event special quests.

Tip: Shadow Royale has a night mode and it’s kinda hard to spot enemies in the dark. So, try to get bloodhound in your squad. His ability to spot enemies will make your life easier.

Event Quests and Rewards

  • Kill 100 enemies (Reward: Shadow Slayer badge)
  • Revive 15 Allies (Reward: Shadow Guardian badge)
  • Win 5 Shadow Royale Games(Reward: Shadow Champion badge)
  • Finish all three of the above (Reward: Shadow Master badge)

Additionally, you also get a daily task which gives you points. You will get the following rewards for collecting 4000 points.

  1. Fight or Fright 2020 badge
  2. Gibraltar kills tracker
  3. Long John Messy weapon charm
  4. Pathfinder “Wrapped Up” skin
  5. Gibraltar Wins tracker
  6. Gibraltar Damage Done tracker
  7. Sentinel “Swamp Creature” tracker

Shadow Royale mode will be available to play during October, 22 to November, 3.

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