Apex legends crossplay, Aftermarket Events, and new updates

Apex legends update 1.47 is finally here with crossplay support and aftermarket event. Finally, our zipline swinging Robot pathfinder has also got some buff in the new update. And on the other hand, the wraith gets a huge nerf.


Cross-platform support is something that Apex Legends player’s wanted for a long time. Well, it’s finally here and now you will be able to play with your friend on who has Apex on another platform (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin). However, crossplay is still in beta, So there might be a few bugs and glitches.

New Playmode – Flashpoint

apex legends aftermarket new gameplay mode flashpoints
Aftermarket event new gameplay mode: Flashpoint (Source: EA)

There is a new limited-time mode called flash mode in the aftermarket. In this mode, all the healing items like shields and med kits are removed. There will be massive zones called flashpoints instead. You need to go there to regenerate.

The goal here is to create massive team fights. The circle will also follow Always closing mode.

Collection Event and Prize Track

Now we have two new skin in the aftermarket, “wired for speed” for Watson and “Void Prowler” for the wraith.

The aftermarket prize track has new rewards too. You can earn points to unlock some free cosmetics like “Blue Chipped” skin for Bangalore and “Performance Boost” skin for Hemlok. There are some other rewards like weapons charms, load screens, and stat trackers.

There is also a new heirloom for caustic. It’s called ” Caustic’s Death Hammer”. As the name suggests, It’s a massive hammer, which releases poisonous Nox Gas.

Key Legend Changes

First change effects pathfinder. His grapple cooldown is now based on the amount of distance he traveled. Shorter the distance, shorter the cooldown. Cooldown ranges from 10S to 35S.

Secondly, Wraith was considered very OP, So Dev’s has decided to nerf her by changing her sprint animation. This change is very heartbreaking for most of the players.

New animation makes her more targetable and easy to shoot. However, it does not look as cool as before! Below, See it yourself.

You can check out all the other changes here.

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