9 New Upcoming PS4 VR Games 2018/2019

One of the most exciting things at E3 2018 was the announcement of lots of new ps4 VR games(virtual reality games).sony has promised 50+ new VR games for ps4 in 2018 and early 2019. since Sony has sold a very huge amount of ps4 compared to last year’s sales, there are no wonder even more VR games will be available soon for ps4.so here is the list of upcoming ps4 VR games that we know about. most of these games are motion-controlled so you also gonna need move controllers. keep that in mind if you looking forward play any of these games.

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1.Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect

Release date: 9,November 2018
Genre: Puzzles
Publisher: Enhance Games
Developers: Resonair, Monstars

Tetris Effect is a reinvention of a classic tile-matching puzzle game in VR. it is developed by Puzzle games legend, enhance games. from the first look of the game, its look like a game have very gorgeous looking graphics. the game also supports 4K with 60fps on PS4 Pro. Tetris EffectIs is loaded with fantastic special effects and music. this game has 30+ stages and 10 different modes that will keep you busy all day. This is one of the very addictive game. Tetris Effect is available now for pre-order with bonus content “TETRIS EFFECT ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SAMPLER”.

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2.Blood & Truth


Release date: TBA
Genre: Action/Shooter
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developers: SIE London Studios

Do you remember PlayStation VR London Heist experience? Blood & truth is an expanded version of it.in blood & truth you will be doing thrilling action scenes in London underworld.you will be playing as Ryan Marks, A elite Special Forces soldier who is trying to save his family from some sort of big mafia. you can play pistol, shotguns, SMGs and other weapons using your ps move controllers. this game is very immersive as you can feel the vibrations of your weapons and you can reload your gun with both hands just like you would do it in real life. Blood & Truth allows you to craft your own story sort of like a Witcher 3.your next action will depend on the choices you make.

3.Beat Saber


Release date: 1,May 2018
Genre: Music video game/ Party / Family
Publisher: Beat Games
Developers: Beat Games

Looking for ps4 Vr game with physical activity which also syncs up with nice rhythms? well, then Beat Saber is for you.you will be standing in an empty room with 2 sorts of laser blades more like lightsaber from star wars (one red and one blue). your only enemies here are red and blue boxes coming right toward you.you can smash red box with red laser blade and blue box with a blue laser blade. It sounds boring but it’s not boring at all.its very high paced game and fine music will be synchronized with all the action.with that you can play Beat Saber the whole day long.graphics are also so amazing that you will feel like you are in Tron Legacy movie.



Release date: 11, June 2018
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developers: SIE Japan Studio, FromSoftware

Deracine is fantastic VR game by the creator of bloodborne, Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware.Déraciné is a mystery story based adventure puzzle game. You will be playing as unseen faerie in boarding school. we have to  move around in frozen time and find new clues and information to reveal the next part of the mysterious story.deracine is just another classic adventure game but with a twist of VR.its give players totally unique experience about game’s environment which is very nice looking by the way. there is no reason to doubt Deracin especially when its directed by Miyazaki.

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5.Ghost Giant


Release date: TBA
Genre: Adventure / Puzzle / Family
Publisher: Zoink Games
Developers: Zoink Games

Ghost Giant is another puzzle story game in VR.it has a very good heartfelt story. like the name already clears up, you will be playing as big Giant in Ghost Giant.in the start of the game there is a sad little lonely fox. one day he meets a big giant who is only visible to him. You will be helping this little fox, Louis and citizens of his town using your big size. Ghost giant is basically a protective guardian of Louis.you can also do all the Giant stuff in the game. For example, you can peep into the house with your one eye or remove heavy obstacles like trees and big rocks from the path.you will solving lots of different puzzles in order to help out your little friend. Ghost Giant has a big beautiful world to explore.

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6.Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves the Universe

Release date: Early 2019
Genre: Action / Adventure / Platformer
Publisher: Squanch Games
Developers: Squanch Games

As packed with hilarious comedy and mature dialogue “Trover Saves the Universe” is the most fun game you will ever play.its Developed Squanch Games(studio founded by Rick and Morty)co-creator Justin Roiland.the game supports both  PS4 and PSVR so its 2 games in 1 pack.you will be controlling yourself in the first person mode and also little purple colored eye monster,
trover in third person mode at the same time. you can upgrade yourself and trover with new ability as the game progress. Trover Saves the Universe is filled with action combat scenes.as for the story, we really don’t know much as of now.but you can meet lots of new weird character and talk to them throughout the game.


Release date: End of 2018
Genre: Action / Shooter
Publisher: Mardonpol Inc
Developers: Mardonpol Inc

Imagine CS: GO in VR that’s what Alvo is. Alvo is 5v5 multiplayer online shooter in VR.game includes 3 different modes Search and Destroy, Free 4 All, Domination. Search and Destroy is just same as classic CS: GO.one team try to plant the bomb and other team tries to prevent bomb plant/defuse the bomb.in Free 4 all mode everyman is for himself, find enemies and kill them no teammates. Domination, in this mode you capture control spots on the map and hold them. The team with the most points will win .you will be using your ps move controllers or ps VR aim controller to control your weapons in the game.most interesting part about Alvo is, It also supports cross-platform between PSVR, Oculus Rift and Htc Vive.

8.Sociable Soccer

Release date: TBA
Genre: Action / Sports
Publisher: Tower Studios
Developers:  Combo Breaker

If you are a fan of FIFA and PES and this one is definitely for you. SOCIABLE SOCCER is a fast-paced action-based football game in VR.game has over 1000 international football teams and lots of different game modes. Soiable Soccer is very easy to play compare to FIFA as there are no trick shots.its just all about positioning and fast kicking but its really fun to play in VR. Sociable Soccer also supports cross-platform and the game already has 30000+ players. Sadly release date for Sociable Soccer is not yet confirmed for ps4.it will also available on android and ios.it means you will also be able to play on Samsung Gear VR.

9.Star Child

Release date: Fall 2018
Genre: Adventure / Platformer
Publisher: GameTrust Games
Developers: Playful Corp

Star Child is a sci-fi adventure game developed by Playful Corp.Star Child has visually most impressive graphics among all VR games.you will be exploring the beautiful 2.5Denvironment in space. your ship Crash land during the mission to aid the Meridian Facility in space. Spectra fight to get the planet’s defense system back online with her repair crew partner, King.while on the other side aliens were trying takes over that planet. As of now, we don’t know much about the game But we are very excited to find out more about Star Child.

This is the all upcoming PlayStation VR games we know about.there are good VR games already released for ps4 like Astro bot rescue mission.but we will talk about that in some other article.so let us know in a comment if we missed any good upcoming PS4 VR game.

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