6 Best Business simulation games in 2021

Playing Video games is fun, but they can also sharpen some important real-life skills. For example, these business Simulation games can improve your multitasking, management, and problem-solving ability as well as helps you develop leadership and social skills. Here are the top 6 Business Simulation video games(tycoon games) you can try in 2021.

Best Graphics Video Games in 2022

Tropico 6

tropico video game series
Source: Limbic Entertainment

Release Date: 6, March 2019
Platforms: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

Tropico 6 is the eighth edition of the Tropico video game series. It’s a construction and development management game. In Tropico 6 you play the role of president of Caribbean island, which goes through four different eras, The Colonial Era, the World Wars era, the Cold War era, and the modern era. It’s available on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo as well.

Transport Fever 2

travel games
Source: Urban Games

Release Date: 11, December 2019
Platforms: PC

Transport Fever 2 is the successor of the classic transport simulation game, Transport Fever. In the game, you have to manage transportation through road, air, and water. Transport Fever 2 has 200+ vehicles like buses, trains, ships, aircraft, and more. You can design your own map and transport infrastructure. The game starts in 1850 and goes all the way to the modern era while giving you some of the most complex logistical challenges.

Planet Zoo

animal simulation game
Source: Frontier Developments

Release Date: 5, November 2019
Platforms: PC

As the name already suggests, it is a zoo building and management game. There are over 100+ species of animals who behave just like real-life animals using AI. Each animal has its own set of needs that you need to take care of. Aside from the animals, you will be also in charge of hiring different staff members, building research facilities, and creating a guest-friendly environment.

Two Point Hospital

doctor game
Source: Two Point Studios

Release Date: 30, August 2018
Platforms: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

In Two Point Hospital, You play the role of Hospital Manager. As a manager, you need to build and developed a hospital, hire hospital staff, cure different diseases. Sometimes you will come across some unusual illness, for example, “lightheadedness” means the actual light bulb in place for the head. There are plenty of humorous diseases like that in the game. You will also be challenged with epidemics, during which you have to use a limited number of vaccines and create containment zones.

Jurassic World Evolution

jurassic park game
Source: Frontier Developments

Release Date: 11, June 2018
Platforms: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

Have you ever watched Movie Jurassic Park and wondered if you can build a park full of dinosaurs. Well, Behold the Jurassic World Evolution, A Jurassic theme park building, and management game. There are 40 different types of dinosaurs in the game. You can collect their DNA sample and breed them inside the lab using incubators. There is also a tool to create different environments for the dinosaurs. Aside from the dinosaurs you also gonna need to take care of visitors and make a profit from the theme.

Youtubers Life

youtuber simulation game
Source: U-Play Online

Release Date: 18, May 2016
Platforms: Smartphone, PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

Making and running a successful youtube channel might feel like dream but, not in the video game. Youtubers life allows you to simulate the life of a Youtube personality. You control a character who is in charge of creating new content for the channel, signing new advertisement agreements, and generating revenue. Earnings can be used to upgrade a character’s gears, houses, and other stuff. you also have to manage your character’s social life.

That’s is for the list of best Business Simulation games, go ahead and enjoy them. And, if you know of any other good simulation games, let us know.

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