15 Best Graphics Video Games in 2021 for High-end Gaming PC

We are living in the Era, where Console gaming has become wildly popular. However, they are still no match for PC gaming when it comes to realistic-looking graphics and visuals. Nvidia and AMD both are making improvements to their graphics cards every day to take video graphics to the next level.

What’s the point of having an expensive high-end gaming PC with the latest Graphics card and processor, if you don’t have the right games to enjoy it. Here are the 15 best pc video games in 2021 that will push your PC to extreme levels and will give you a jaw-dropping visual experience.

Note: This list is now updated Best Graphics Video Games in 2022

1.Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

assassin's creed valhalla pc

Genre: Action, Role-playing
Release Date: 10, November 2020
Developers: Ubisoft

When it comes to graphics, All the Assassin’s Creed game looked beautiful. With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ubisoft has pushed it further. It’s built-in Ubisoft’s Anvil Next 2.0 engine. The game offers tons of customization to set the look way you want along with HDR support. The only thing that’s missing in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Ray-tracing, which we will see in the next Assassin’s Creed game for sure.

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2.Battlefield V

battlefield v

Genre: FPS Shooter
Release Date: 20, November 2018
Developers: EA Dice

In its comparison against the call of duty series, the battlefield always lagged behind in Graphics. However, in the last two Battlefield games, they have really upped their graphics levels. Battlefield V in particular has the most realistic-looking visuals especially when you turn on Ray-tracing. The attention to detail in everything like weapons, vehicles, and the environment itself, is mind-blowing. You will need a Powerful PC to play this game at the best settings but it will be worth it once you see those lifelike explosions.

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3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Genre: FPS Shooter
Release Date: 12, September 2019
Developers: Infinity Ward

The call of duty series has always held a record for having great-looking graphics while maintaining good fps. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare, they have improved so much in the visual department while still giving that great performance. The detailing, lighting, texture, sound quality, and everything else give you the real-life experience of war.

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4.Call of Duty: Warzone

call of duty warzone pc

Genre: FPS Shooter, Battle Royal
Release Date: 10, March 2020
Developers: Infinity Ward, Raven Software

You can’t really have this list without having the most popular battle royale genre video game. Yes, Apex legends were considered however Call of Duty Warzone is so much better on every level. The visuals of this game are kinda like PUBG, However way more realistic. The animations, Attention to detail, and sound quality are amazing. If you are looking for the best-looking battle royale game then this is it.


control game

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Release Date: 27, August 2019
Developers: Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment is quite popular as a maker of nice-looking video games, for example, Quantum Break. Control is their latest action-adventure game. This game uses Ray-tracing perfectly. The showcase of lightly in this game is beyond compare. On the other hand, the environment has fewer details. However, it goes well with the lighting and overall look of the game.

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6.Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 rpg video game

Genre: Action, RPG
Release Date: 17, September 2020
Developers: CD Projekt, CD Projekt RED

Yes, there were bugs, a lot! But, we all can agree that cyberpunk 2077 looks absolutely gorgeous. Actually, the graphics of the game was responsible for the hype before the launch. Luckily, they are up to the expectations. It has high-quality texture, a fabulous lighting setup, and well detailed futuristic environment. One look at the night city with Ray-tracing one and you fall in love with this game. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most demanding games too, It will surely put even the most high-end PCs through hell.

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7.Death Stranding

death stranding game of the year

Genre: Action, RPG
Release Date: 17, September 2020
Developers: CD Projekt, CD Projekt RED

Death Stranding was the game of the year in 2019. It also got the best sound award that year. When that sound is combined with quality graphics, it will give you a perfect gaming experience. The post-apocalyptic scene is brilliantly designed. The creatures, characters, animations, and expressions all are extremely good. This is not just the best graphics game but overall one of the best video games that you can ever experience on a PC.

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8.DOOM Eternal

doom eternal pc game

Genre: FPS Shooter
Release Date: 20, March 2020
Developers: id Software, Panic Button Games

The original DOOM was part of the previous best graphics game list. The DOOM eternal has so many improvements over it. It has more detailed enemies, a bigger playing field, and beautiful particle effects. The texture and overall environment also look so much better. With Ray-tracing you will enjoy blowing up ugly creatures and monsters more than ever.

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9.Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy xv characters

Genre: RPG
Release Date: 29, November 2016
Developers: Square Enix

We simply just can’t keep one of the most successful RPG video game series on the list. Final Fantasy XV has amazing visuals for Role-playing games. The textures are very high quality and probably the reason behind the game’s massive size. But once you are done downloading this monster then all the fun begins. The open world of Final Fantasy XV is massive and beautiful. The animations for eye-catching and the characters are well detailed. The game also supports HDR 10 and offers tons of customization options.

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godfall pc game

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 12, November 2020
Developers: Counterplay Games

This is another hack-and-slash type Role-playing game on the list. Godfall’s graphical looks give you a kind of God of War vibes. God of war is PlayStation exclusive, So, if you are looking for its replacement on PC then Godfall is perfect for you. It has highly detailed characters, a stunning environment, and above all Ray-traced lighting. The combat animations look very beautiful. Overall this game is a perfect package for someone who likes smashing enemies while running around.

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11.Hitman 3

action stealth shooter hitman 3

Genre: Adventure, Stealth
Release Date: 20, January 2021
Developers: IO Interactive

If you want to check the strength of a Gaming PC then Hitman 3 will come in handy. It has very realistic-looking graphics, but it comes at a cost. Hitman 3 will take both, your GPU and CPU to their limit. The main reason behind that it has tons of highly detailed interactive NPCs. The look and feel of the game are almost the same as Hitman 2 but everything has more details in it. Even after dropping Ray-tracing capabilities Hitman 3 looks better than the previous one.

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12.Metro Exodus

metro exodus gold edition

Genre: Shooter, Survival, Horror
Release Date: 15, February 2019
Developers: 4A Games

There are very few games out there that can be called true visuals masterpieces, Metro Exodus is one of them. Of course, it has stunning realistic graphics and a solid lighting setup, but aside from that, it supports all the cool features of Nvidia’s RTX series graphics cards.

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13.Red Dead Redemption 2

red dead redemption 2 pc  graphics

Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 26, October 2018
Developers: Rockstar Games

How can we have a list of best graphics games without having a Rockstar game in it? Red Dead Redemption 2 already has the game award for the best performance. You won’t find this amount of detailing in any other game. The environment looks absolutely fantastic. Aside from that, Devs have paid a great amount of attention to the characters as well as NPCs.

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14.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

witcher 3 wild hunt game of the year

Genre: Action, RPG
Release Date: 18, May 2015
Developers: CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and RDR2 have very similar-looking graphics. The RDR2 has better visuals of course, but The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt was released back in 2015. This game still kills in the graphics department. We still have no idea how CD Projekt managed to create this beautiful-looking game at that time. Hats off to them! Witcher 3 also has tons of mods available on the internet to fully customize the look of the game.

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15.Watch Dogs: Legion

watch dogs legion

Genre: Action, Adventure, Stealth
Release Date: 29, October 2020
Developers: Ubisoft

Another game from Ubisoft with fantastic visuals. Watch Dogs has great lighting, tons of NPCs, and a fully detailed city. Just set all the settings to max, turn on Ray-tracing and take a stroll around the city in the nighttime, you will quickly find out how cool this game looks. The impressive part about the Watch Dogs Legion is that it’s so well optimized, that it doesn’t give as much strain on your Computer as the other games on the list.

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That’s it for this list. we have tried to add all the best graphics PC games to this list. However, if we did miss out and let us know in the comments.

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  1. Where is Grand theft Auto V ? It is better than Watchdogs.

    • Yes, GTA V does have amazing graphics, but we gave the edge to Watch Dogs Legion because of the official support for ray tracing. Otherwise, it certainly deserves to be on this list.

  2. well, where are games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Days Gone!? both of them look better than at least Final Fantasy XV.

  3. where is your new release for 2022!?

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