10 Most Popular Ps4 Games to Buy 2018

what are the best ps4 games to play in 2018? there are lots of great games in the inventory of sony’s ps4 console. this list includes all the top titles for ps4 and it will guide you about which ps4 game you should buy and play in 2018.

sony had a great year so far in 2018, so it’s very hard to pick just the 10 best ps4 games .but we try to find out the best of them anyway. this list is based on lots of players’ opinion and review to make sure i pick out absolutely best ps4 games for you.

so far we had lots of amazing ps4 games released in 2018 including God of war, Crew 2, monster hunter world, Dark Soul: Remastered and Detroit: become human. we have narrowed it down to the 10 best ps4 games which are reliable to play in 2018. later this year we also got Spider-man, Shadow of the tomb raider, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and so on and on. we will keep adding new ps4 games to this list as new games are released for PlayStation.

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best ps4 game - bloodborne

Software’s Bloodborne is first true exclusive of ps4. Bloodborne takes the best of dark souls’ challenges to whole another level. this game continuously pushes you to do things that you are too afraid to do.let’s say you don’t want faceoff disgusting looking scary monster and beast in corner of yharnam, but you have no way to hide or run in this terrifying hell.beside some changes in game combat bloodborne is pretty much soul game.game starts off in the night with a mysterious hunt in the gothic city. where a bunch of blood-borne diseases infected humans is waiting for you to kill you. Game’s world is filled with tiny details which will help you more in discovering the city of yharnam.software have added some of the most terrifying monsters in the game that you might have never seen before.bloodborne is not soul game by name but yet it still completes the series in satisfying yet very terrifying way.

9.Persona 5

best ps4 game - Persona_5

Persona 5 is a Japanese role-playing game which will keep you in your gaming chair for hours and yet still you wouldn’t satisfy playing this thing.story of persona 5 deep and strong, the battle system is very well executed.art and music of this game are just amazing. the battle system of Persona 5 is similar to persona 3 and 4 but this time they added ranged weapons which add up lot more variety in the game.in this game, you will be playing as a high school student who spends his day as a normal student.but in the evening he fights psychological demons to save the world.this is the best Japanese RPG and best installment in persona series so far.

8.Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Resident Evil 7 is part of one of the most successfully long-running horror game series. resident evil 6 & 7 was more action based games but resident evil 7 is more of survival based horror game.in this game, you will be playing as Ethan who gets a message from his wife who is dead for 3 years. he finds out that his wife is captured in the basement of the old abandoned house. then he starts off his journey to find her by solving puzzles and fighting crappy enemies. for the first time in the resident evil series, you will be playing in first person view. imagine yourself alone in the old terrifying abandoned house where every corner is filled with different kind monsters and zombies. playing resident evil 7 got the most thrilling environment in horror games. Using PlayStation VR headset with resident evil 7 will completely connect you to the game instead of gamepad you will be simply using your head for aiming.it will be totally unforgettable expiration for you.in my opinion Resident Evil 7 is a most perfect horror game but keep that away from the kids.

7.Nier: Automata

As an action, open-world RPG game Nier: Automata knocks off many RPGs to the ground. Platinum games is well known for the best combat mechanics in their game. nier: automata have one of the most amazing combat systems in RPG games.it wouldn’t be hard for even beginner to land those amazing combos.automata also got most brilliant looking animations for jumps, dodges, and attacks.in this game instead of fighting with disgusting looking robots, you will be fighting cute looking robots created by aliens after the alien invasion. don’t mislead your self with cute robots they are really deadly. you will be playing as YoRha, an elite android unit and last hope of humanity.nier: automata have the best soundtracks in any games.automata is perfectly balanced between action and role-playing. this game hardly got any hate.

6.Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This is probably the best way to any game series. Uncharted 4 a thief’s end has everything you could expect from the end of the series. In Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake comes out of his retirement and naughty dog also release brand new character, sam the older brother of Nathan Drake. They also introduced new pirate character Henry Avery from the colony of a Libertalia. this game has pretty much everything you could ask for from the third-person shooting, risky parkour, climbing on the hills from ledge to ledge, shooting bad guys to mind-blowing puzzles. Uncharted 4 has the best story of friendship, love, and family. This game got the most impressive environment, Amount of detailing in this game is jaw-dropping. This is a visually best looking game I have ever seen. The combat system of this game also improvised than previous games. Uncharted 4 is pretty much perfect single player campaign game.

5.What Remains of Edith Finch

What remains of Edith Finch is a story pushed game wherein the participant takes on the position of a younger female who returns to her own family domestic, which were deserted a few years earlier, purpose on uncovering her own family’s beyond. The story unfolds as she moves through a series of rooms, revealing what occurred to her siblings, mother, and father and some more loved ones. Most of the house is initially locked away and inaccessible, gradually opening up as Edith discovers secret passages and hidden keys. The story itself is not really the kind that will make you scared or pull off your heartstrings that much. It consists of a series of smaller stories, vignettes which never last long enough for the player to establish a very strong emotional connection with any of a large number of idiosyncratic personalities they revolve around. In terms of art design and graphics, the game looks pretty good, Sound design is solid, the voice acting is good and the soundtrack is competent. Overall I would recommend this game to players looking to experience new ways of storytelling and story-crafting, as the game truly excels in that regard and breaks new ground.

4.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Probably one of the most in-depth, open world games I’ve ever played. If you like darker fantasy RPGs you’ll love this game. The best part is that you are not tied to the story. You can explore the massive open world as you please. It is challenging right from the beginning. It is definitely for adults only not only for the graphic scenes but for the sexually explicit scenes.hero of the game, Geralt is a way mature in Witcher 3 wild hunt than previous games.witcher 3 has like millions of possibility but you really need to play smartly. the game is filled with quests, side quests and lots of other activities.as per game combat mechanics, they are not easy to pull off you need to be fast and technical to land nice combo. witcher 3 got a huge and very detailed environment.which you would love to explore on your companion roach.in Witcher 3 Geralt is set off to find Ciri, a girl who he won in a contract and trained her to be a witcher.story of this pretty much depends on your decisions into quests. with massive and beautiful open world, quests, storyline, unique game combats Witcher 3 wild hunt is not bad choices at all.


everyone probably familiar with a fortnite because, its most popular game right now. lastly, fortnite released on Android and now its pretty much everywhere besides ios.for those who still don’t know about fortnite, its 3rd person co-op survival game developed by Epic Games.  it also has a battle royal mode where 100 players jump in at once in the large map and try to survive by collecting loot, resources, and weapons of different quality. you shoot other player and also progress through the map at the same time because map shrinks down every couple of minutes. and last player to survive through all of this wins. I can play this solo, dues, squad and as per new update even 50 v 50.it’s quite similar to PUBG but where PUBG goes for the realistic mil-sim approach Fortnite goes for bright and colorful graphics. the most interesting thing about this game in other games you run around to find yourself cover here you can build one with resources you collected along the way. as per PVE mode imagine only you and your other 3 friends left after the massive zombie apocalypse.you and your squad try to kill those deadly zombies and survive as long as you can. fortnite is really fun especially when you got a couple of friends to play with. oh, wait I forgot to mention those outfits and skins.as your level progress you get skins for characters, harvesting tool, glider, different icons and also dance moves and poses which you can show off in the game to your friends.there is no reason for me to not put this game into my inventory.

2.Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn PC

The game is maybe the most technically achieving console production I have ever seen, it’s not only gorgeous but runs great on a PS4.from the visual standpoint this game surely blow your mind.you will be spending more time taking screenshot than playing this game. Many compare this to far cry, some of the mechanics or gameplay functionalities feel evolved, smarter and more intuitive. This game handles those functionalities in a better way. Not many open worlds do side quests right, I assume is difficult to strike a good balance without overwhelming the player. Horizon zero Dawn does side quests in a way where it feels meaningful. I zero dawn have the most engaging and compelling story and It’s well told by excellent voice acting. The story is about Aloy, a hunter living in a world filled with machines and robots. Having been a pariah her entire life, she embarks to find the risks that kept her shielded. You will be using ranged weapons, and stealth tactics to fight those mechanized creatures and crazy robots, after defeating them you can loot resources from them. A skill tree is well designed to give you new abilities and passive skills. using bow and stealth at the same time is always satisfy in any game.but here you are not that stronger against those gigantic machines so you need to play smart about when to go full front line or to use those stealth tactics.you have full freedom here to make Aloy run all around massive and very detailed beautiful world of horizon zero dawn. To be honest I actually didn’t expect Horizon Zero Dawn to be this good. But I have to say Killzone have nailed it here.there is pretty much nothing wrong with this game.

1.God of War

God of War series is running successfully for a long time. New god of war is like the rebirth of series.it takes a turn from Greek mythology to Norse mythology but I have to say Santa Monica didn’t disappoint me at all. New god of war now has big beautiful and very highly detailed open world, so now you can freely run around in massive world unlike the previous god of war games where you were a little limited on movements.new god of war’s combat system is completely changed. you will be controlling Kratos and his son Atreus at the same time. but don’t worry you not need to control Atreus’s movement instead you will be just controlling his bow shots. now Kratos got brand new weapon leviathan Axe instead of the classic blade of chaos.before you god of war fan get disappointed, don’t worry you will be getting your hands on the blade of chaos later in the story. this new leviathan Axe is also a lot more interesting than I thought.you will be using it to solve puzzles, get away from the traps, wreck the things and of course for killing monsters. now god of war has brand new skill tree and tons of different combo. as per story in the starts of the game, Kratos’s wife and Atreus’s mother’s Faye is dead. she told Kratos to take her ashes to the highest peak in all realms before she dies.so Kratos starts off his journey with his son Atreus. this journey is filled with twist and turns, challenges, puzzles, monsters, and lots of emotion. I never thought god killer Kratos who actually killed his father Zeus will fit in the role of a father but somehow Santa Monica pulls it off.god of war has the best side quest meaningful and worthy rewarding. with perfect storyline up, unique combat system, amazing graphics and nice synergy between father and son, no wonder new god of war is highest rated ps4 game right now.

so this is 10 Most Popular Ps4 Games right now. let me know you which ps4 game you playing right now in the comment down.

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