crysis 3 video game

10 best graphics game on pc With Very High visuals

5. Crysis 3(2013) – Electronic Arts

crysis 3 video game

The original crisis was an absolute beast on the PC. Steamrolling through powerful setups and making you think twice about how great your PC actually was. While Crysis 3 wasn’t quite the game-changing title that crisis was it’s still a gorgeous and varied game that makes powerful PCs sweat. In this title, the pure power of the CryEngine 3 is on full display with a solid frame rate throughout and the realistic textures give the game an almost photorealistic appearance. On top of that, the characters almost reach uncanny valley territory, and pretty much no other game does grasp this well. It was easily a hardware centerpiece for its time and it still looks fantastic five years later.

4.Destiny 2(2017) – Activision

destiny 2 forsaken

While it may have had a heck of a turbulent first few months in terms of scandals and backlash from fans. There’s at least one area that no one can really knock destiny 2, for its graphics. One look at the game running in 4k is enough to convince even the most stalwart of holdouts that destiny was destined to live on the PC. Buttery smooth frame rates and mourn neon lights than you can shake a stick at do not fix a broken end game or an angry community, but damn does it look good while it’s doing it?

3.Project Cars 2(2017) – Bandai Namco Entertainment

project cars 2 - racing game

Racing games have always been a showcase for graphical capabilities and project cars 2 is no exception. Following up from its already impressive predecessor the graphics here are outstanding and close to yep photorealistic. The lighting effects are wonderful and the textures are smooth and incredibly detailed. The game’s dynamic weather system has the tracks changing up to keep the visual splendor fresh for each race. If you’re looking for an extra level of immersion pop on a VR headset and see this spectacular virtual world up close and personal for yourself.

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