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10 best graphics game on pc With Very High visuals

8.Deus Ex Mankind Divided(2016) – Square Enix

Whether you were disappointed with this latest release or not, there’s no arguing that mankind divided looks beautiful especially when played on a higher-end PC. This version of future Prague is a stunning setting it’s highly detailed and very busy. It features believable futuristic technologies and it’s fully unique NPCs. The reflections are also fantastic although you won’t be able to tap its full potential without an expensive piece of hardware. However, should you have just that mankind divided is a gorgeous and unique experience that you need to try or at least watch?

7.Star Wars Battlefront 2(2017) – Electronic Arts

Sex lines and loot boxes aside there’s no denying that EA knocked it out of the park with their visuals on Star Wars Battlefront two. Improving on the already impressive graphics of the first Battlefront game, not only was this one of the visual highlights of 2017 but it’s easily the best-looking Star Wars game in existence. It’s not just about the gorgeous lighting of character models either. Simply put you’d be hard-pressed to find a multiplayer shooter with this much detail.

6.Metro: Last Light Redux(2014) – Deep Silver

Sure it might not be a head-turning graphical improvement but Metro last light Redux is still the definitive version of this spectacular shooter and one which gave gamers a visual breath of fresh air in the somewhat stagnant first-person shooter genre. While the game employed the typical MIDI color scheme of many other FPS games it’s nicely matched by the overly dreary nature of the story. The attention to detail is also staggering, like a lot of locations especially the surface areas are simply gorgeous to explore when you finally add the terrific lighting system. It’s clear that a lot of care went into the look and feel of this post-apocalyptic version of Moscow.

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