Epic Games Removes OverPowered Infinity Blade from Fortnite

You will no longer see Infinity Blade in Fortnite as Epic Games has removed it from the game for being overpowered. Epic added this new sword in fortnite just a couple of days ago. very soon most of the players including pro players realize infinity sword is way too much op and it’s ruining the battle royal game.

As the sword got removed very soon after the release some of you might not be familiar with the abilities of the Infinity Blade. for the start, Infinity Blade gives you 200 health and 200 shields. this new sword deals 75 damage with each swing and also gives you the ability to jump to a great distance. but wait there is more.
It also regenerates a certain amount of health and shield upon killing other players and it cut through the structure like it was never there before.

This new sword not just managed to unbalance the game but also ruined the 1 million prize pool fortnite season tournament. because of the ability to destroy any structure sword became absolutely deadly in the late game and no one managed to survive the wraith of infinity blade. here is the gameplay video of infinity sword from the tournament.

Instant poor response from players and 1 ruined tournament was enough for epic to realize that their new creation is not working in fortnite. here is a tweet from epic games admitting their mistake and making the official announcement for the removal of the infinity blade.

This is not the first-time Epic removed a recently added item from the game so early.do you remember that guided missile weapon? in all this one thing is for sure epic always listens to the player’s feedback. anyway from now on we not gonna see that mystical powerful sword in fortnite. R.I.P Infinity Blade…

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