New Rumor: Apple iPhone 12 won’t have 120Hz Display

Update: Yes, it’s official now. iPhone 12 doesn’t have a 120Hz display. however, if you want to find out the reason behind it then read the article below.

We are very close to the official release of the Apple iPhone 12. it will be revealed tomorrow. Rumors about the upcoming iPhone are all over the internet. Now there is one more shocking rumor about it.

According to famous tipster @Jon_Prosser, iPhone 12 won’t be having a superfluid 120Hz Display. This could be a tiny setback for Apple as competition already offers that feature on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and OnePlus 8 pro.

The reason behind this decision is battery life. Jon says Apple either had to 5G connectivity or 120Hz display for iPhone 12. The hardware inside the smartphone is powerful to handle both but the battery will drain very fast as the 5G network is very power-hungry. Worth

While some tech lovers and gamers would prefer 120Hz, the Average customer will pick a 5G network connectivity with longer battery life. It was a very obvious choice for Apple. It seems like we won’t be seeing a 120Hz smartphone from Apple until the launch of the iPhone 13.

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