What is Vanish Mode in Instagram and How to Use it?

Instagram recently merged messenger and instagram dms. Now they have launched a new feature called “Vanish Mode” in a recent update. Whenever this feature is turned on, all the received messages disappear once you leave the chat window. They will be deleted later on.

How to Turn on and Turn off Vanish Mode

  1. Open Instagram and click on Messenger icon
  2. Now select particular chat window
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the chat section and Vanish Mode will be turned on.
  4. In order to turn it off, swipe up from the bottom again or tap “turn off” button on top.

The vanish mode will be available on Instagram as well as the messenger. Now you should be able to share random stupid funny things with your friends without worrying about it sticking to your chat history forever.

Additionally, Whenever you are in vanish mode and if other person takes a screenshot of the chat it will notify you. You can also report chat conversation. All disappearing message will be available for 1 hour when you make a report.

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