Realme 4k TV announced with New SLED technology

Realme recently announced 4k TV with a brand new technology called SLED. The new smart TV will have a 55-inch panel that supports 4K resolution. It has the ability to provide better color accuracy and better eye care, thanks to the new technology called “SLED”.

So, What exactly is this SLED technology? It’s an alternative option to QLED. QLED TV uses blue backlighting which gets converted to white light to produce the picture. Blue light can have bad effects on your eyes.

SLED uses LCD display formula however with RGB backlighting. According to Realme, It’s doesn’t just help with reducing blue light effects but also provides a wider color gamut. With RGB backlighting SLED can cover up to 108% NTSC.

Realme has partnered with SPD technology scientist, John Rooymans to develop SLED based display panels.

Realme smart TV SLED 4k also has TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification. Apart from SLED, only OLED display panels from Sony have this Certification.

Now the thing is OLED smart TVs are ridiculously expensive. Realme is a brand that is known for providing budget electronic devices. So, what’s the price gonna be like for Realme’s SLED 4k TV? Well, as of now Realme hasn’t revealed the price detail or specifications of the new 55inch 4k Smart TV. We will update you with new details as soon as we find out.

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