Facebook Collab App: A New TikTok Replacement Launched

Facebook has recently launched a new app for the content creators. It’s a short music video making app, named “Collab App”.

The Collab App was originally launched in May for beta testing for limited people. Now it’s available for iOS Users on Apple App Store for free. Currently, it’s only available in the US.

Facebook Collab allows you to create/re-create videos based on music. You can also collaborate with other content creators to make videos. Videos will be available to watch in the Collab feed for viewers.

According to Facebook, the purpose behind the App is to provide easy to use video composition platform to every user.

The Collab App is designed in a way that anyone can edit and make videos. You don’t need knowledge of advanced music and video editing. However, you can only make 15 seconds long videos.

It works in somewhat of a similar fashion as TikTok. Facebook clearly saw an opportunity here, after TikTok got banned in India.

Instagram already has launched reels to counter TikTok and it ended up gaining huge popularity. However, The Collab will get tough competition as there are many other replacements for TikTok available already.

As of now, the Collab App isn’t available globally and for Android users. However, it will be launching soon on the Google Play Store.

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