Tencent Lost $34 Billion after PUBG Mobile Ban in India

Indian gamers are still in shock after government decided to ban , unarguably most popular smartphone game PUBG mobile. It was banned along with other 117 Chinese Apps, which included games like Arena of Valor, Ludo World, Rise of Kingdoms, Clash of kings and many others.

While the Indian Government’s decision affected many Chinese companies, Tencent was the one to get the biggest blow. The company has already lost $34 billion worth of market value.

As a developer of PUBG mobile, Tencent made tons of money form this most popular battle royal shooter game. PUBG mobile had over 50 million daily active users, out of which 33 million daily users came from India. Recently the US government also banned the company’s popular social media app, WeChat. These are the probable reason why Tencent’s share price dropped.

At the time of the ban announcement, Tencent’s stock price was somewhere around 554 HKD. Now it has dropped all the way to 518 HKD.

As per the fate of PUBG mobile, it has been already removed from both google play store and Apple app store. However, according to the gamers game is still up and running for who already had it installed. But, it won’t take long before the Government orders ISPs to block all the apps on their network.

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There are some solutions like VPNs and change of country in the play store, which are being passed around to unblock the PUBG mobile and other apps/games. we will look into those tricks and update here once the games completely stop working. However, it’s totally up to you whether to use them or not.

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