Snapdragon 732G: New Smartphone Processor Announced

Snapdragon 732G mobile processor is announced by Qualcomm today. It’s an upgraded version of Snapdragon 730G. New 732G has improved CPU and GPU to beat the last generation.

Snapdragon 730G was already a very successful chip for mid-range smartphones. Mi note 10 pro and Pixel 4a are equipped with 730G. The new upcoming POCO smartphone will be the first to get powers of Snapdragon 732G. However, the company hasn’t said which smartphone.

Now let’s talk about what kind of improvement Snapdragon 732G has over its predecessor. First up, the 2x main core on Kryo 470 runs at a higher clock speed of 2.3GHz(2.2GHz on 730G). In the company’s word ” GPU Adreno 618 is now improved to deliver 15% more graphics performance”.

Another sweet upgrade in the new processor is that now it offers Bluetooth version 5.1 instead of Bluetooth 5.0. The rest of the things like Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, AptX Audio, X15 LTE modem, and quick charge 4+ stays the same as the last one.

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732G has Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite gaming, which enables possibility of lag-free HDR gaming in mid range smartphones.

Now we just have till POCO launches a new smartphone to see Snapdragon 732G chipset in action. This kind of performance boost can change the way we look mid-range smartphones.

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