Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold out in just 30 minutes

Samsung recently unveiled its second Flip smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event. because of compact design and affordable price compare to Galaxy Fold, the smartphone has got real hype among tech lovers.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is out of stock now
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold out on Samsung store.

Galaxy Z Flip is already sold out on the Samsung online store. there is the same situation with other online sellers as well. many users have also reported that Z flip isn’t available in local stores either.

According to The Korea Herald, Galaxy Z Flip got sold out in just 30 minutes after the release in Korea.

Samsung hoped to sell 20,000 smartphones in the first shipment, which is way higher than what they expected for the Galaxy Fold. clearly they were wrong because the smartphone is selling out at rocket speed.

Now the inevitable question, why is Galaxy Z Flip is getting so much hype? The first thing is design, it’s very innovative, very compact and most importantly similar to good old flip phones. Do you remember the time when flip phones were popular? seems like people is still loving that concept.

Another thing is the Galaxy Z flip has better features than Galaxy Fold at a far lower price. Z flip is priced at $1,379 while Fold is available at $ 2,000.

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Now, what you can do to get your hand on this new trendy smartphone? Well, the only way you can buy Galaxy Z Flip is from AT&T and Sprint. but they also have limited stocks. The best way to buy Z flip at the moment is to just wait till Samsung refill the stocks.

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