Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Release Date & Price Announced

There was a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be Released on 5, April.but yesterday Samsung has finally confirmed that date and they have also announced price for S10 5G.

Samsung will Release Galaxy S10 5G first in South Korea.price for 256GB version will be around 13,90,000 South Korean won and 516 GB version will be around 15,50,000 South Korean won.guessing from this numbers, S10 5G will be priced at 1,225$/991 € (256 GB) and 1,377$/1,117€(516GB).

now keep in mind that this is just expected Prices for this phone. most of the time prices are different in different regions because of the this might not be the exact price in your country.if Your compare Galaxy S10 5G with the Galaxy S10 Plus($1,249 / £1,099€) in terms of price they both are almost same.

Galaxy S10 5G will be available in Crown Silver, Majestic Black, and Royal Gold colors. surprisingly 516GB version will be not available in Royal Gold color.

5G network Will be Available in South Korea from 5, April and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G also getting released on the same day in South in US Verizon is launching 5G network on 11, April so that might be the day Samsung also launch Galaxy S10 5G. in the UK EE hasn’t announced date for the launch of 5G network yet. but S10 5G might get released on the same day in the UK or shorty right after that.

So this the all we know about Galaxy S10 5G as of now. we will update the information as soon as we find out more about this don’t forget to subscribe us for more latest Smartphone related news.

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