PUBG RageGear mode guide and tricks

PUBG(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one the most popular battle royal games out there. the main reason behind that is they are always doing something new for players, always adding new modes and limited-time events in the game.

PUBG now has a TDM mode called “RageGear”. in this mode you are always on the vehicle instead of your foot. you are fighting your way to victory with another team on a much smaller map.

Here are some tricks that might help you to secure wins in RageGear mode.

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Ofc the first thing you need to pay attention to is your car because this mode is all about cars. there are 3 different cars you can choose from, UAZ, Buggy, and Dacia. UAZ is big and strong but on the other hand, it’s slower compared to the other two. Buggy is extremely fast but it will quickly get damaged. Dacia has a perfect balance of mobility and power. Dacia seems like an obvious choice here but we suggest you pick a car according to your play style.


The second thing is the weapons. just like cars, there are three different weapons, MGL, RPG-7, and M249. MGL is a grenade launcher with explosion damage. RPG-7 is an RPG launcher that can do lots of damage in one shot but only has an ammo count of one. M249 is a machine gun that can fire multiple bullets in a short time. now if you are a beginner player then go with M249 and if you have a going with an RPG-7 would be beneficial.


Sometimes you will get lost in the fight so much that you will completely forget about the car’s health. keep an eye to the health bar, if it falls low to pick up the Repair crate to heal back.


Now last but not least, positioning of your vehicle. if you are in front of the enemy’s car you clearly have a disadvantage. always try to position your car at the side or at the back of the enemy’s car. that way you will have a better angle to shoot them.

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That’s it for the tips, now go and enjoy the RageGear mode. hopefully, these tips will help you to get some wins. Good luck!

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