OnePlus 8 Pro specs, launch date, and expected price

OnePlus 8 series is very close to it’s launch. The launch event will take place on 14th April. Here are everything we know OnePlus 8 Pro so far.

Couple of days ago, OnePlus has officially announced that, OnePlus 8 Pro will support 30W wireless charging. OnePlus 7 series only had wired Wrap charging. This is gonna be company’s first smartphone to have wireless charging.

Speaking of some key specs of the upcoming OnePlus smartphone, we have 120Hz Display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 5G Support, 4,510mAh battery, IP certified water resistance, up to 12GB RAM and 256GB Storage.

Some of these Specs are already confirmed by OnePlus and some of these are just a rumor. Either way, they are very impressive.

OnePlus 8 Pro seems like the first flagship device that can actually compete with Smartphone giants Samsung and Apple. Not that OnePlus 7 series was bad but it lacked some key features like IP certified water resistance.

All the OnePlus devices mainly focus on one thing, Performance. OnePlus simply just loves speed. if you remember correctly, they were the first company to launch a non-gaming smartphone with a 90Hz refresh rate screen.

OnePlus 7 pro face unlock is incredibly faster than other devices. even after not having wireless charging in OnePlus 7, it’s wrap charger techlogy was super fast at time of launch.

According to rumors storage will be OnePlus 8 Pro will have UFS 3.0 storage technology and LPDDR5X RAM. All of these points out that the OnePlus 8 series will actually “Lead with Speed”. there is no doubt that the new OnePlus Smartphone will be heavily focused on performance.

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OnePlus 8 Pro Price

There is no official word on what’s the price gonna be like for 8 Series. However, Oneplus 7 Pro is currently selling for $499(Rs.39,999/£649). with all the crazy fast hardware going into the smartphone, OnePlus will be priced around $799(Rs.49,999/£820). little brother, OnePlus 8 should be around $499(Rs.39,999/£650).

OnePlus 8 Series Launch Event Times

OnePlus 8 series Launch event will be on 14th April, 11 AM ET, 8:30 PM IST, 4 PM BST.

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