Google Chrome Privacy Mode Update Blocks Adobe Flash Player & has better UX

Originally, Google Chrome Allowed Websites to check if you are browsing in incognito mode or normal mode. But Couple of days ago Google announced that they are planning on fixing this security issue in chrome. the purpose of this security patch was to avoid paywalls easily.

what is paywall?

A paywall is a system developed on websites to restrict content and services to the users who don’t have paid subscription. in other words just a piece of code in a website that robs you blind. usually, sports and news website use paywalls to make extra money besides monetization.

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Chrome 76 New privacy Mode

Chrome 76 security update is already out now. you can download update on Windows, Android as well as on Mac and Linux.

After Updating Website Publishers can’t find out whether you are in incognito mode or not. That means they can’t use paywalls anymore and you are free to browse all the content on the website without paying for any kind of paid subscription.

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Chrome New Update Adobe Flash Blocks and Dark Mode.

Google Chrome 76 update now blocks adobe flash player by default. so instead of “Ask First” now “Block” will be the default option. According to Google without flash, you will have “faster, safer, and more battery-efficient browsing experience.” Adobe has already ended support for Flash player couple of years ago. you can always change it back to always or ask first option if you still use the flash-based website or play flash games online.

New Chrome Also adds Automatic Dark mode option on the website for publishers.

Chrome 76 will also show shortcut option to install a web app inside Omnibox, providing website has web app available.

If you are a developer and want to see the full list of changes you can visit this Log. Below You can also check out the video from Pete Lepage introducing all the changes.

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