Google Assistant Now allows you to find songs by Humming

How many times it happened to you that some song or music got stuck in your head and you just can’t find it out. Well, we can assume, many times. It’s very frustrating when you can’t find out your favorite tune or a song.

Now Google has finally solutions for earworms. You can sing a song, whistle, or just hum and Google Assistant will find that song for you.

Google says you don’t have to be accurate to find out the song. It supports up to 20 languages on Android, However, limited to English only on iOS devices.

How to search song using Google Assistant

  1. Open Google Assistant
  2. Now say “what’s this song?”(you can ask the same thing in different ways and it still works!, For example, you can try” can you identify this song?” )
  3. Now you have to hum, whistle, or sing a song for 10-15 seconds
  4. And that’s it Google will find that song for you and it will also show you all the details about the song like artist, release date, and genre.

Does Google’s Hum to Search Work?

Of course, we went ahead and tried this function right away. So, does it work? Well, it’s not that simple.

First up we tried playing some most popular songs from another device and it was able to identify very quickly. We also tried some Hindi Bollywood songs and it works just fine. That also answers the question if it supports the Hindi language or not for Indian users.

It’s very impressive and completely amazing. However, things get a little bit tricky when you try Humming. In the testing, it was able to find La, La, La from Shakira. When we tried to hum the “Dyn-na-na-na” part from BTS-Dynamite, it didn’t work.

The function also works very well for not so popular songs. But sometimes it does struggle to find the right song and shows up a bunch of suggestions instead.

This is a very new functionality and Google has said that it will get better over time with machine learning.

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