Fortnite season 6 Teaser, patch notes, Battle Pass Skin, Pets and More

So Fortnite season 6 has arrived and it also brought new changes to the game. Fortnite season 6 has a bunch of map changes, a new pet system and brand new theme Called darkness Rises. Of course with the arrival of season 6, there is also a new battle pass for Unlock new contents. In this article, we gonna walk you through every single change of fortnite season 6 so let’s get started.

Fortnite season 6 teaser trailer

Fortnite season 6 Battle Pass all new items

Like mentioned before fortnite season 6 is having Halloween based it’s very obvious that whole battle pass is painted into Halloween theme. Fortnite season 6 Battle Pass has a whole new bunch of skins, new pets, emotes, loading screens, Trails, Toys, back bling, sprays, axes, emoticons, banners, and some really cool gliders.

  • skins: 7
  • pets: 7 
  • emotes: 5
  • loading screens: 12
  • gliders: 4
  • axes: 2 
  • trails: 5
  • toys: 2 
  • sprays: 14 
  • back bling: 4 
  • emoticons: 10 
  • banners: 13

Fortnite season 6 all new skins

the most popular thing about fortnite is skins and season 6 got 7 new awesome look skins. so Now let’s take a look at all of those new skins one by one.

Fortnite new skin: Calamity

So First we have a very popular calamity skin. If you take a look of the teaser video below you will see this skin in it. She sort of look like a cowgirl with a tank top and jean shorts and Of course cowboy hat. You can unlock calamity skin just right after the purchasing your battle pass for season 6.calamity skin has 6 stages which you can unlock by earning exp

  • Stage 2 : 20,000 exp
  • Stage 3: 50,000 exp
  • Stage 4: 90,000 exp 
  • Stage 5: 140,000 exp 
  • Stage 6: 200,000 exp 

Fortnite new skin: DJ Yonder

Fortnite skin DJ Yonder

DJ Yonder

DJ yonder is another skin you unlock with a calamity skin at Tier 1. As his name already says he is a funky DJ with a cool mask on his head sort of like a Marshmallow.DJ Yonder is a perfect theme for Halloween party And also looks really cool.

Fortnite new skin: Giddy-Up

Fortnite skin Giddy-Up

Now this one is a little weird. Giddy up is default skin with character’s legs passing through an inflatable llama. There is also fake likes on this llama so it looks like a character is riding it. If your enemy looks at this skin from far away they might get confused. You can unlock giddy up skin by reaching at Tier 23.

Fortnite new skin: Fable

Fortnite skin Fable

This is one nice sexy Halloween costume. I don’t know about other people but I surely Like this pretty girl with Red Hood on top of her head. Also, those leather straps look nice on her. Fable is clean and nice looking skin you can unlock it by reaching at tier 27.

Fortnite new skin: Dusk

Fortnite skin Dusk

Dusk skin is Seating at tier 71 for you to unlock. Surely little bit hard to unlock unless you are purchasing those better pass tiers From the shop. but once you reach there it’s definitely worth it. Dusk is a scary looking female Halloween skin. Compare to Fable Dusk looks way more aggressive and dominating. And those thigh-high boots surely has more value to her look. Dusk is a perfect Halloween themed female skin in my opinion.

Fortnite new skin: Nightshade

Fortnite skin Nightshade

If you are a little sad about Tomatohead not having any female skin to compliment his look. Well, now you do not need to be because we got the nightshade. if you take a look of this skin, at the first sight you might think it’s a pumpkin but surprisingly actually it’s a tomato. A girl with tomatohead under the black hood does look really nice. This might not be the favorite thing for everyone but the who liked tomatohead skin, gonna love this. You can unlock nightshade at tier 86.

Fortnite new skin: Dire

Last but certainly not least. the best-looking skin in fortnite history ever. I don’t think there is any other better way of finishing season 6 battle pass then obtaining Dire skin. Dire start of his first stage as human and start transforming into a you progress through the XP his look changes, quite similar to last season’s Ragnarok. It looks like a reference from the famous character of World of Warcraft Greymane. His color also changes in process of a transforming from human to a Werewolf. This skin literally blew off my mind and I am sure you gonna love Dire Wolf skin.

Fortnite Dire Skin Human to Werewolf Transformation 

  • Stage 2 : 30,000 exp
  • Stage 3: 70,000 exp
  • Stage 4: 120,000 exp 
  • Stage 5: 180,000 exp 
  • Stage 6: 250,000 exp 

Fortnite season 6 all new pets

As of now we really don’t know much about this new pets.besides they seat in your backpack and react differently according to a different situation. We are not sure about if they going to be part of a gameplay or not but one thing is for sure you’re going to love to take this adorable companions with you on the battlefield.

All important fortnite Season 6 Map Changes

in the above video, Heatnix Sama has explained all the major changes in fortnite very nicely just under 3 minutes.

[UPDATE]:Shadow stones were previously disabled but now they are back along with a week 2 challenges. here is the full guide for a season 6 week 2 challenges

all the patch notes for fortnite v6.00 is available on the epic games official can go there and check it out of course if you want to or you can just head over to fortnite and enjoy all of this news changes.

we tried our best to cover all the possible details about fortnite season 6 in the article. but if we missed anything let us know in comment and we will update the details.

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