Call of Duty Mobile Season 11: Release Date, New Battle Pass Leaks, and Rumors

Call of duty mobile has become one of the most popular FPS shooters among smartphone gamers. Season 10 is about to end and the new season will be launching. Here is everything we know so far about the call of duty mobile season 11.

CODM is Just a little away from its first anniversary in October. The developer has big plans for the celebration and lots of new content are coming to the game in season 11. They want to keep these updates as a surprise and that’s why there won’t be any beta test server this time. Anyway many of the leaks and rumors about the call of duty mobile season 11 are already out.

Night Mode

Players have been asking about the Night Mode ever since they saw the Halloween Standoff map. Well, now the developer has confirmed through Reddit that they are officially working on Night Mode for CODM.

The Season 11 will be perfect to launch Night Mode and we will be seeing it soon in both multiplayer as well as battle royal mode.

Zombie Mode

Zombie mode was already part of the call of duty mobile. It was pulled off after season 4. As it turns out it was fan-favorite mode and it’s coming back in season 11. Developers have confirmed that they are planning on the relaunch of the “improved Zombie Mode” in CODM, possibly in season 11.

New Perks, Weapons and Characters

First, let’s talk about perks. If you changed your loadout recently you might have noticed that there are two perks “Overkill” and “Re-stock” with a tag saying “stay tuned”.

The overkill perk allows you to carry another primary weapon instead of a secondary weapon. Re-stock perk Replenish 1 extra Combat Axe, and your equipment gets recharged after 20 seconds. We will be seeing both of these perks in the upcoming season.

Speaking of New weapons 48 Dredge LMG, Pharo, Skorpion EVO, and Weevil will be ready for action in the new season. Rumors suggest that M249 LMG might be coming to CODM.

Of course, with new battle pass, new characters will be coming to the game. You will be able to play as characters like Alex Mason, Bruce Harris, Dimitri Petrenko, Frank Woods, and Grigori Weaver.

Other new features

Recently there was a glitch in the game which allowed players to customize their character in the BR lobby. This glitch might be the sign of new feature in season 11 which gives players the ability to customize within the BR lobby.

Another rumor is that call of duty mobile season 11 will bring finishing moves to the game just like call of Duty: warzone. If this turns out to be true then you will be able to finish off downed enemies in style.

Call of duty mobile season 11 release date

There is no official word on a release date of season 11. Based on days left on the current season and past history, it will be somewhere around 17-18 October. However, more details about the new season could be announced on 1st October as it’s the anniversary day of CODM. We will update you with the official release date as soon as we find out.

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