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Borderlands Coming to Fortnite With New Mode and Skins

borderlands 3 is coming to fortnite for limited time

Epic games always doing something to keep fortnite players interested in the battle royal game. for example, they brought mad titan Thanos in the game for a limited time, the epic Monster Vs Mecha Fight, Marshmellow live concert and many others.

This time it’s seems like they are planning on bringing borderlands world into the fortnite.

FortnitexMayhem: New Pandora Rift Zone

Earlier this tweet was uploaded to Fortnite’s official Twitter account with #FortniteXMayhem. it has a caption saying “when you see it” which is pointing out to the psycho mask in the image.

Just about an hour ago they also uploaded video revealing more details about this new FortniteXBorderlands.

Wasteland zone you see on the map is called “Pandora Rift Zone”. all the elements of Pandora Rift Zone comes from Borderlands 3. players will regenerate shields while they in this zone.

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besides that, we still don’t know much about this zone yet but epic said fortnite players will encounter few surprises in the Pandora Rift Zone.

Pandora Challenge Bundle added into Fortnite

This is a new Pandora Challenge bundle which will be available in the store after you update the game. it includes Mayhem skin(Wrap)for weapons, Vault Hunter Banner, Psycho & Crunk Bunny Spray.

New Item: Shield Bubble

Do you see this spherical thing with a shield icon on it? it’s a new throwable item called “shield bubble”. it will create a bubble which will protect you from incoming explosives.

Fortnite x Mayhem Contest for Block

New Borderlands 3 Prefabs are also added into the creative mode of fortnite. you can use them to create your own pandora zone.

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upload your final design on social media( Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit ) with #FortniteXMayhem. if your pandora zone is good enough, it will be displayed on the Block. this contest ends on 6th September.

Note: FortnitexMayhem is only available till 10th, September. now go ahead and enjoy this new event before it ends.

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