Best Android Emulator For PC Right now

Android Emulator is a handy little tool for PC, which can turn your computer or laptop in to fully functioning Android smartphone. You can use them to run the android application, play games, or can use for developing solutions. Here is the list of best Android Emulators for PC to use in 2021.

Nox Player

nox android emulator

The Nox app player is a good emulator for gamers. It has features like key-mapping and gesture mapping, basically, you can do any Smartphone control movement using a keyboard and mouse.

This emulator also comes with a built-in video recorder, which allows you to record and stream your gameplay. The Nox player also offers solid performance and good user experience and is supported for both Windows and Mac.

Nox player download


bluestacks 4

BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator out there. It can work on both Windows and Mac. The original BlueStacks 4 was had some performance issues and was missing some key features like key-mapping. However, BlueStacks 5 fixed those issues and now offers great performance and you can also run multiple appliances and games at the same time.

BlueStacks emulator is great for a powerful PC. It’s very feature-rich and has the best performance in the android emulator. But on the other hand, it requires lots of resources so, it’s not recommended for low-end PC or laptop. They also offer a 2$/month paid subscription version, which removes ads and provides better support.

BlueStacks download

MEmu Emulator

memu android emulator for pc

Menu Player is a great emulator for PC with AMD components inside. Most of the developers are mainly focusing on Intel. However, Memu is the only emulator that works great with both, Intel and AMD. Its multiple instances option is also good for developing and testing purposes. Just like BlueStacks Memu also offer a premium version at $2.99/month for removal of the ads.

Download memuplay


cloud emulator

Genymotion is the best emulator for Linux. It’s also great for developers because of the wide range of Android versions and device options. You can run more than 3000 different virtual environments on Genymotion. The best thing about Genymotion is that it also has a premium cloud-based emulator option. So, you don’t need a powerful PC to run it. However, it costs 5cents/minute.

Download Genymotion

Android Emulator Online

online emulator

What if you don’t want to download the emulator on your computer and want to use it online just like Web WhatsApp? Well, we have a couple of options for that too. First is ApkOnline Website, which will open an emulator right on their website. It takes about 1 minute to start.

The second one is the ARChon chrome extension. Surprisingly it’s not available from the Google Web Store and you have to download it from GitHub. Both emulators are not recommended as they won’t give an as good performance as the others.

LDplayers/MOMO Emulator


Next on the list we have the best emulator overall, LDPlayer. It’s also used go by the name of MOMO Player. LDplayer emulator specifically targets gamers. It has all the features including custom key-mapping, high-fps gaming performance, multiple tabs, and screen recording.

LDplayer 4 also supports huge library of Android games like, Free fire, Mobil legends bang bang, PUBG mobile and tons of other. Aside from games it also handles daily uses applications quite well. LD Player runs on Android 7.1 and gets regular updates.

LD Player Download


KOplayer for windows 7

KOplayer will provide you good Android experience. If you prefer simple design with ease of us then this emulator is for you. It offers great gaming performance and has comes with in-built video recording option. There nothing much fancy going on here. Just a normal Android emulator with all the functionality.

KOplayer download

MuMu App Player

mumuplayer android emulator

First up don’t confuse it with Memu or MOMO that we already have on the list. Mumu App Player is a completely different emulator developed by NetEase Games. It runs on Android 6.0 and still offers good performance and runs without any issues. It supports all the major Android games and provides updates on a regular basis.

mumu app player download

That’s about it for this list. Some android emulators like Leapdroid, Droid4x, Remix os player, Andy emulator, and, Gameloop are not part of this list. The reason behind that is either they are outdated or not working properly.

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