Android 12: Everything you need to know

While we are quite far from the official consumer release of Android 12, The developer preview is already out. Here is everything you need to know about it including possible release dates, new features, and changes.

Google gives a unique codename to all Android versions. For example, Android 11 is called Red Velvet Cake(RVC). Android 12 will be called Snowcone.

Changes and features

The first change is the Notification UI. It’s almost the same as the Android 11, However, the notification box is slightly bigger and there is a snooze button right inside it.

Just like the notification box media player on the lock screen is also bigger and you can turn it on and off for different apps using settings.

There are also some tweaks and optimization to a notification to app transition animation. Now there is no delay before the app launches when you click on the notification box. This change isn’t universal and it will only work on Apps which are optimised by developers.

The Android 12 now supports audio haptic feedback using a vibrator inside your smartphone. It will provide more immersive gameplay. However haptic feedback will also be supported on Apps.

New Android also supports a new image format called AVIF. It provides better image quality than JPEG at a slightly smaller size.

Most Apps supports the HEVC encoder for media. But, for those apps which don’t support it, Android 12 has a Compatible Media transition. It will automatically switch to AVC format for transcoding.

Android 12 also has a new feature called rich content insertion. It will allow you to copy images, videos, and Music from one App and paste them into another one.

Now you can tap the power button 5 times to call your emergency number. You can also turn it on and off from Safety and emergency settings.

Android 12 Release Date

The developer preview for Android 12 is already out. It’s only available on Pixel smartphones.

The beta release will be starting somewhere in May 2021. Lastly, the consumer release will happen in September and Pixel devices will be the first ones to get it.

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